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I help you build the Profitable & Productive business that you're proud of


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Sound familiar?

Your passion led you to stumble into entrepreneurship with excitement of the possibilities but lately aren't feeling the're feeling overwhelmed

You crave time and financial freedom but instead are feeling scattered, overworked and stressed about money

You've been proud of success in your business previously but are currently feeling stuck, slightly embarrassed and unsure if you can keep doing this

You've bought the courses, watched all the free webinars and listened to all the podcasts.

You have the drive and determination but you're lacking clear direction for your individual situation. 

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You deserve the time and financial freedom you dream of - let's make it happen!



Thanks to your support [in mapping out a plan], I'm sitting comfortably as I heal and go through treatment. I've got expenses paid and the breathing room is awesome.


I've used all the tools and strategies you teach [in multiple businesses]. I ran a sold out writing workshop, have launched a membership and am writing a book. I'm grateful!


I hit my goal, plus 2 more!


Setting realistic goals and using systems made me feel really proud and that this solo-preneur path is really doable for me.


Ready For Revenue

You're just starting your business, ready to dive in, take action and see results (and revenue!). You've got all the questions and are looking for someone to help you hit the "fast forward" button so you can save time and see financial results quicker. 

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Feeling Stuck 

You've seen financial success in your business but you're feeling stuck and disappointed in the results you're currently experiencing. You know you need to do something different to see different results.


You're looking for someone to help you get out of the weeds of the day-to-day business tasks to identify the revenue-generating tasks that will move you forward.  

Amanda's Recommendations

Freebies1:1 Sessions Business Planning Course


Craving Strategic Advice

You're feeling stagnant in your progress towards your business vision and know it's time to get outside advice to help bring clarity to the chaos that's behind the scenes. 

You're looking for individual, customized support to help your business be more profitable and productive (not just busy!). 

Amanda's Recommendations

1:1 Sessions Accountability Coaching


When I look back on from when I first started learning from you to now...and where I was in my business THEN vs NOW...all I have to say is DANG! I credit this success to you and I will forever sing your praises to anyone who listens!


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Hey, I'm Amanda

Coach, Podcast Host, Author and Your Biggest Cheerleader.

My passion is helping female entrepreneurs create a profitable and productive business.


Specifically if you stumbled into entrepreneurship after following your passion, saw some success but are now feeling scattered and lacking direction

My sweet spot is helping you identify the right things to work on so you're productive instead of busy, while also profitable in your finances. 

But enough about me...unless you want more...

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For more profitability & productivity in your business


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5 Star Reviews


Amanda’s podcasts are chock-full of useful information and compassionate anecdotes. I walk away every time refreshed & ready to jump into whatever has been challenging me in my business. I’m a “skimmer” but I never skim hers.

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