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My passion is helping accidental entrepreneurs unapologetically pursue their dreams.

And the first step is to know exactly how success feels for you...not what other people say it should be.

Break free from society's cookie-cutter expectations of what success should be and uncover your unique definition in 20 minutes.

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You have a dream of creating a business that integrates into your life instead of taking it over but you're not moving forward. 

Chances are, it's thoughts like these that are stopping you from making progress:

  • Can I really do this?

  • But so-and-so is already doing it better, why should I try?

  • I didn't go to business school, I'm disorganized, is it even possible to succeed?



Progress is the ONLY thing standing in your way of reaching your definition of success and that's what I have a passion for helping you because


I believe in you even before you believe in yourself.


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Hey, I'm Amanda

Coach, Podcast Host, Author and Your Biggest Cheerleader.

My passion is helping Accidental Entrepreneurs. Those who feel like you're stumbling into entrepreneurship but you want to navigate it with intention.

Your goal is to create a business that integrates into your life and instead of taking it over and my goal is to help you take steps to make this a reality.

But enough about me...unless you want more...

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Let's talk about you!

You've got endless passion which led you to entrepreneurship

You crave freedom and flexibility with your schedule

You're dreams and your heart are big

But due to lack of progress in your business you're now battling with question...


"can I really do this?"

I could tell you “YES” all day long but it doesn’t matter what I think, YOU have to believe that you can do this. So I’ll pose these questions to you: 

  • Why not you?

  • Why not now? 

  • Why not on your terms? 

Image by Annie Spratt

You don’t need confidence,

you need courage.


Let's tap into yours!

Progress is the only thing standing in your way and it’s time to use your courage to take action so you can uncover your confidence and tackle those big dreams of yours! 

If you can’t tell by now, I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that you’ve got this!


Whatever “this” is for you, I know you can achieve it and I'd love to help you get there.


When I look back on from when I first started learning from you to now...and where I was in my business THEN vs NOW...all I have to say is DANG! I credit this success to you and I will forever sing your praises to anyone who listens!


Image by Annie Spratt
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5 Star Reviews


Amanda’s podcasts are chock-full of useful information and compassionate anecdotes. I walk away every time refreshed & ready to jump into whatever has been challenging me in my business. I’m a “skimmer” but I never skim hers.

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