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Join me for the LIVE 3 day workshop

Beyond Goals: Resilient Business Planning

Registration closes October 15th.

Live sessions are from 9-11am CDT on Oct 18, 20 & 23. Replays will be available.

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For entrepreneurs tired of the endless to-do list

This is the last planning system you'll ever need

Are you tired of ending the day feeling like you didn't get much done or with a to-do list longer than when the day started or ending the quarter (or year!) nowhere near accomplishing the goals you've set?

Then this is the planning system for you!

Planning is great but the real challenge is when life happens and stops you from following through on your plan.

Does this sound familiar?

You allotted a certain amount of time to set up this new tech tool, but it took 3x longer and now you’re behind on the rest of your day

A family member needs your support and you have to readjust your entire plan, but you’re not sure how to do that so you just give up on the week/month/quarter as a whole

Your launch felt frazzled and you were writing emails right before you hit send which resulted in launch results that you aren’t really happy with

Personal Desk

And all of it leads to a feeling of failure because you didn't follow through with what you said you would do.

imagine this.

What if I told you there was a better way?

Your days don’t have to end with to-do lists longer than when you started and you could end the work day knowing that you are on track to accomplish your planned out goals....

Even when life throws you a curveball. 

I’ve seen my fair-share of them, but guess what? I've cracked the code to planning that survives the chaos—yes, even the unexpected moments that can seriously throw a wrench in your plan. 

What’s my secret? 

Turns out, my 'super-structured' plan isn't about being rigid; it's about being the MacGyver of plans—flexible, adaptable, and 100% chaos-proof.


Life happens, but with this flexible yet follow-throughable planning, projects get DONE! 

The Process


Know what you're aiming for with detailed clarity.


Find what works for you and put blinders on for the rest


Putting your preferred accountability into place

This simple method allows you to master flexible goal-setting so you can see success even through all the twists and turns life throws your way.


Beyond Goals:

Resilient Business Planning

Create a flexible and realistic plan to achieve your business goals


What's Included:

Multiple Sessions

Lessons are broken down into 2-hour manageable sessions & information.

Live Feedback

Get your questions answered & plans reviewed


Guest experts & tools to help you implement after you plan

All The Details

Helping you create plans that are as flexible as you need them to be.


Life throws curveballs, I get it. Let's knock 'em out together.

Live Sessions

Planning Sessions

Join me live Wednesday, Friday & the following Monday to take it one manageable step at a time.

  • Day 1: Wednesday, Oct 18

  • Day 2: Friday, Oct 20

  • Day 3: Monday, Oct 23

All live sessions take place from 9am-11am Central Daylight Time. Recordings will be available.

Image by Jazmin Quaynor

Each day's live call includes teaching + working time. 

I'll share what to do and then you have time to do the work so you don't have to fit it in later. 


Ever wish your goals came with a life-proof shield? Welcome to Decision Day, where we’re creating your shield. Say goodbye to traditional goal-setting and hello to a plan that will help you navigate anything that comes your way. Today you’ll uncover your strengths and craft your rock-solid, yet flexible quarterly goal.

  • Design Your Ideal Work Week: you’ll find your sweet spot and lock in on your prime productivity times

  • Business Edit Mode: like spring cleaning but for your business, you’ll cut the fluff and keep what works for you

  • Flexible Goal-Setting: no more vague intentions, you’ll get crystal clear on your goal but also know how to handle life’s little (or big) surprises 

Homework: Create your plan then slide it my way for a personal review & feedback


Let’s banish those “what-am-I-doing-today?” blues once and for all. Day 2 is all about setting your processes & systems up for success. While this isn’t the sexiest part of it all, it’s the step that will give you the results you’re after.

  • Project Planning 101: imagine a road map with neon signs pointing you to success, that’s what you’ll get from understanding project planning

  • Tech Tool Time: helping you find your project management soulmate, no matter what works best for you

  • Calendar Magic: craft your day, week, and month like a pro and fits your unique needs

Homework: Update your calendar, identify your project management tool and set up your first project. Snap screenshots and send them my way so I can celebrate with you!


In our final session together you’ll go from dreamer to achiever by identifying the best type of accountability to support your follow through.

  • Accountability Style: identify what type of support you need so that you can achieve your goals

  • Accountability Plan: create your own “success squad” whether it means an accountability buddy, tech tools, or daily dance parties (hey, whatever works!) you’ll find what’s best for you so you can truly follow through with your plan

Homework: Create your accountability plan and CELEBRATE your incredible work during these planning sessions

Office Hours

Q&A / Feedback

Get your specific questions answered during Office Hours. You can even submit your plans for review during this time so you have an extra set of eyes on your work.

Voxer Office Hours:

Thursday, Oct 19 


I will respond to messages between 10am and 4pm Central Daylight Time. 

Image by Brett Jordan


Business Binder Starter Pack

Not just a workbook but your handy-dandy sidekick for conquering your goals, tracking progress and celebrating wins.

  • Goal-Getter Process: say goodbye to vague goals with this step-by-step process of setting realistic goals for your season of life and business

  • Progress Tracker: ever wonder where all your hard work is taking you? Wonder no more with this compass to success, guiding you through the twists and turns that life throws your way

  • Decision-Making Matrix: can’t decide if you’re making the right moves? This simple matrix is like having a business mentor in your binder-pocket guiding you to quick and effective decisions. 

  • Quarterly Check Ins: these are like pit stops on your road to success. These thought-provoking questions help you reflect, recalibrate and recharge so you can keep that momentum soaring.

You’re not just planning, you’re igniting your spark for progress!


*This starter pack is a digital file that can be printed. The actual binder is not included.


there's more

Let's talk about the bonus included


Discover Your Desire

with Traci Schubert Barrett

No more guessing. Truly uncover what you desire for your life and how your business can support that dream.

Traci is an expert on helping others identify their purpose so they can live an intentional, purposeful and fulfilling life.

Live Workshop

Date: Tuesday, October 10

Time: 9am - 10am Central Daylight Time

VALUE = Priceless

2024 Calendars

Printable and customizable calendars available immediately.

Sizes Included:

  • Poster size (24 x 36 in)

  • Document size (8.5 x 11 in)

File Types:

  • Printable PDFs

  • Customizable Google Docs

VALUE = $27


2024 Content Planning Workshop

Connect your content to your revenue streams!


No more guessing, this process ensures that your free, marketing content will help grow your email list AND revenue.​

Plus this Quick-Win Workshop walks you through planning quarterly content with the help of AI so it takes half the time!

This bonus is delivered after the live dates.

VALUE = $97


Implementation Impact

with Alyson Caffrey

Take everything you've planned and actually implement it into your day-to-day life. 

Alyson is an expert in operations, systems & processes that help entrepreneurs maximize their business's potential for more freedom, profit & impact.  

This bonus is delivered after the live dates.

VALUE = Priceless

Total Value = More than $1,000

And just so we're clear

(because no one has time to waste)

You're in the right place if:

you're committed to growth and in for the long run

you're done with excuses and ready to get actual results

you're a resilient dreamer who's ready to turn obstacles into stepping stones

You're in the wrong place if:

you're searching for a magic quick-fix solution

you've got a treasure trove of excuses and are ready to use them

you're unable to commit time/energy into planning at this time

Remember, your season of life plays into this so make the best choice for you and your capacity in this season. 

If you're ready to commit, this type of resilient planning was created for you! 

hey there

I'm Amanda McKinney

I absolutely love helping people make progress towards the goal they’re pursuing. But what I know is that life will always get in the way because it’s certainly been in my way…many times.


But guess what? As life threw me all kinds of plot-twists, I found a process that turns life’s surprises into stepping stones. 


I’m not just a cheerleader for dreams, I’m a ‘let’s-crack-this-challenge’ strategist. I’ve packed all my lessons from continuing to make progress in business while also juggling family/personal health issues, crisis moments and everyday disruptions into these planning sessions and I can’t wait to share it all with you.


let's do this

Register Now For



Master the art of flexible goal-setting, navigating life's twists with expert-guided strategies, interactive sessions, and a supportive community for a year of entrepreneurial success like never before.

3 Live Sessions

Q&A Office Hours


  • Content Planning Workshop

  • 2 Guest Expert Sessions

  • 2024 Printable Calendars

Personalized Plan Feedback


Pay In Full


Payment Plan

3 X $167

Payment Plan: 3 monthly payments of $167 USD. Payments will automatically process monthly based on the date initially purchased.

Future DIY Option: following the live event, there will be a DIY option available. This option will not include any personalized feedback or live calls and will therefore be offered at the lower price point of $250 USD and will be available the week of October 23rd. 

If you still have questions about this offering, please email us anytime. 

We'd love the chance to connect with you. Email


When are the live planning & Q&A sessions taking place?

  • Wed: 9-11am (live session) 

  • Thurs, Oct 19: 10am-4pm (Voxer office hours)

  • Friday, Oct 20: 9-11am (live session)

  • Monday, Oct 23: 9-11am (live session)


All times are in Central Daylight Time. Replays will be available after the live sessions.

What’s included in this offering?

  • 3 Day Live Planning Sessions (2 hours per day)

  • Q&A Office Hours

  • BONUS: 2024 Printable Calendars 

  • BONUS: Content Planning Workshop

  • BONUS: Discover Your Desire Workshop (Traci Schubert Barrett)

  • BONUS: Implementation Impact Workshop (Alyson Caffrey)

Will the replay’s be available?

​Yes, after each day’s session, the replay’s will be added into the learning portal within a few hours 

What’s happening each day during the sessions?

  • Day 1: Decision Day = Mapping out your ideal week and quarterly goal; your homework will be to map out your plan and submit it for review 

  • Day 2: Set It Up = Setting your systems up based on which tools work best for you; your homework will be to update your calendar influenced by your ideal week and set up your project management tool based on your needs and submit screenshots of your work 

  • Day 3: Accountability Assets = Create your accountability plan; your homework will be to create your plan for accountability

How will I get individual attention/feedback on my plans?

Each day has homework assignments and you will have instructions on how to submit your work for review. The review will happen before the next session is scheduled.

What are the 2024 Printable Calendars and how will we get access?

  • I’ve created several versions of the 2024 calendar: poster size (24 x 36) as well as document size (8.5 x 11), both sizes are available in PDF and Google Docs. 

  • They are available for immediate download as soon as you register for the planning event. 

What is the Content Planning Workshop and when do we get access?

Once you’ve identified your goals and made your plan you’ll most likely start to think about creating marketing content for your business. I want to help you align your content to your revenue so you can actually achieve your goal and this content planning workshop helps you with that specifically. 


Instead of adding another day to the live planning event, this is a pre-recorded workshop that you get access to after the planning event and will have access to throughout the year.

more than anything

I want you to achieve the goal that's on your heart.


Even if you don't attend this planning session, be sure to carve out time to ensure progress on your goal.


I believe in you!

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