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It's so nice to virtually meet you!


From corporate marketing to coaching Accidental Entrepreneurs. The story's long (just like yours) but in the end, I followed my passion and now have the coolest, most fulfilling career I could ever dream of. 

By stepping into my natural gifts and working my tail off for the rest -


I'm Your Coach

My passion to help you unapologetically

chase your definition of success.

Core Values

Investing in brands that have similar core values is important to me so I wanted to make sure you know what I stand for too. 

Done Is Better Than Perfect

Collaboration Over Competition

You Are Appreciated

Choose What's Best For You

We've Got You

Done Is Better Than Perfect:

We believe that progress is the key to achieving your definition of success. In order to make progress, you have to take action so in all we do, our goal is to help you make progress towards your goals. 

Collaboration Over Competition:

We believe that partnering with like-minded people and working together allows everyone to win. We do this in business and encourage you to do the same. 

You Are Appreciated:

We make our appreciation known to those we work with. We believe that when people know they are valued, they can move forward and create a bigger ripple effect in this world in a positive way.


We share resources in a way that allows you to make decisions that feel right to you. We believe there isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy for entrepreneurs but that you can learn from the paths of others. 

We've Got You:

We will show up authentically and share the triumphant days as well as the tough ones. We believe that entrepreneurship encompasses both and we are committed to sharing content related to it all so you know you aren’t alone. 

This brand is about more than the work I do with clients. Some of the issues that I am passionate about are health and wellness and reducing inequalities in the world. And each year a portion of my profits go to organizations that support these missions.

I'm committed to:

  • Championing Good Health + Wellness

  • Standing Up To Inequalities + Injustice

A little more about the lady behind the brand...

From Cheerleader to Coach

You guessed it. I was a cheerleader growing up. And while I've exchanged the uniform for yoga pants (with pockets, of course), I'm still a cheerleader at heart. 

Encouraging others comes naturally to me. In every job I've had I was the person who could help the team rally, pick people up when they felt like they couldn't do something and somehow get a smile on really tough days. 

Who knew this natural gift would be something that would lead to a career in coaching.

As a coach now, I'm definitely still in your corner cheering you on but I have another role too - the tough-love coach. And this didn't come naturally to me...


But I learned in building my own business that tough love is needed in order to make progress. You need to be called out on your crap sometimes.

Done Is Better Than Perfect

Let me set the record straight - I'm an encouraging coach, not a yelling one =) 

I use my natural gift of encouraging to help you see the next step as a possible step. So often I will see people scared of the next step because you don't think you're capable. You Are Capable! Trust me, if you're reading this sentence, you're capable of whatever you set your mind to. I pinky promise. 

The "how" might look different than you think it will. 

The journey might be tougher than you thought it would be. 

But if you really want something, you can do it. And so often it comes down to not aiming for perfection. Hear me when I say...(and say it out loud to yourself)...

Done is better than perfect

Marble Surface

"Amanda, words can't express what an impact you've made on my life." 

- Dominque

Marketing is my jam

While encouraging others came naturally, I spent time and energy to learn about the marketing stuff. I'm a very proud alumni of the University of Florida (Go Gators!) with both a bachelors and master's degree in Communications.  

But it wasn't until my first corporate job that I really fell in love with marketing. I had a great boss who truly believed in me and helped build my confidence. It's because of this experience that I know how much confidence means to success. It means everything! We have to believe in ourselves or else it won't work. 

Fast-forward 10 years later and I continue to learn about marketing and build my confidence every day. And I'm now blessed to watch your confidence grow when I work with you. It truly brings joy to my heart when I see you step into your passion as I've done with mine. 


Let's do this!

You know it and I know's time. 

  • It's time for you to reach more people with your business.

  • It's time for you to change your mindset about what marketing is. 

  • It's time for you to make your passion your career and not just "something on the side"

Pia Yoga Teacher

"Launching my membership and taking action quickly in doing so was in great part thanks to your coaching! I ended up with 55 members which was way over my expectations. The income that gives me is a huge bonus and it totally makes all the difference! Plus - I'm really enjoying it!


So a big thank you once more!

You rock!"- Pia

It's time to make progress today!
Let me help you ⬇️
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