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Image by Annie Spratt

You're 95% More Likely To Succeed By Having Accountability In Place

It's hard to hold yourself accountable

Research (and most likely your personal experience) reflects this fact that it's hard to hold yourself accountable. 


But if you have someone else holding you accountable and encouraging you along the way, you're more likely to keep going.

What if you had a strategic accountability buddy "in your pocket" to ensure that you stayed on track and hit your goals?

It's proven: you're 95% more likely to achieve your goal by having weekly check ins with someone
*here's the link to the research
Ready to go? Not sure? Either way, apply and we'll see if this is a good fit for you.

Accountability Coaching

Ensuring that you follow through with what you said you would (and want to) do

The Experience:

Imagine having a supportive (and strategic!) accountability buddy for the next 3 months. Someone who: 

  • Asks "did you do what you said you would do this week?"

  • Celebrates progress with you

  • Digs into the lessons learned and roadblocks along the way

This is what you can expect with Accountability Coaching.

Goal Setting Session (90 Minutes) 

Our first session together is spent identifying your 90 Day Goal and creating your strategic 30-60-90 Day Plan. 

Progress Sessions (30 Minutes, weekly for 12 weeks)

Each week following the goal setting session, we meet for 30 minutes to ensure forward progress towards your goal. 


We save time by you sharing your weekly update with me before the session, so that our live-time together is spent working through your questions/roadblocks. 

Voxer Support (3 Months)

You can ask questions and share content in between our weekly sessions to ensure you're never stuck, whether it's with a task or a mindset block.

You'll have me "in your pocket" every step of the way. 



In 3 months I achieved all my goals including launching a course!

Having someone to hold me accountable was huge. Amanda was encouraging, helpful, supportive & my #1 cheerleader. More than worth the investment!


Amanda is a very gifted coach. I feel so lucky I found her. She is caring, patient and knows how to guide you in finding your confidence [as a business owner]. 

I highly recommend working with her. 


Launching my membership and taking action quickly was due to your great coaching! 

I ended up with 55 members and the income that gives me is a huge bonus plus I'm loving it.




One Payment

  • 90 Day Goal Setting Session

  • Weekly Progress Sessions

Monthly Payment Plan


3 Monthly Payments

  • 90 Day Goal Setting Session

  • Weekly Progress Sessions

Prefer to work in a group setting?

If you have an accountability partner or group and you'd like me to be your group's coach, I'd love to support you in this way. 

Simply email with (1) the number of people in your group and (2) the day of the week that works best for everyone. 

My team and I will get back to you with pricing and timing options. I can't wait to hear from you!


Still not sure?

Apply anyway. I'd love to get to know you and what your looking to achieve in your life. Your application will let me know if it's a good fit for you and either way I can suggest some next steps and options to help you. I can't wait to receive your application!

Image by Annie Spratt

let's do this

It's time to make progress...not excuses. 

I know life can get in the way of our best intentions and throw us off track. But we can work together to ensure you get back on track, quickly and don't lose momentum.

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