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Image by Annie Spratt

Make Progress Through Accountability

"My problem is that I'm not actually doing it."

If you tend to procrastinate taking action in your business, you're not alone.


Many of us put things off until the last minute and that's amplified when no one else is counting on us to finish.


This leads to the feeling of failure

No matter what you're working towards you will always hit roadblocks and sometimes that roadblock is your own procrastination (as hard as that is to hear).

But you can break through this cycle of feeling guilty for not following through by getting the support you need to work through your roadblocks.


Accountability is hard on your own, that's why I created

Goal Getter Package

Gain clarity, stay focused and follow through so you can feel proud of your progress!

The Experience:

Imagine having a supportive accountability buddy for the next 3 months. No matter what your goal is, you have someone beside you cheering you on as you take steps to achieve your goal.

Someone to celebrate progress, dig into the lessons learned through the roadblocks you experience and troubleshoot ideas all along the way. 

This is what you can expect with the Goal Getter Package.

Monthly Coaching Sessions

Coaching Sessions help you get your questions answered so that you can avoid getting stuck in indecision and confusion and actually make progress.


Progress Log Monitoring

Setting a weekly focus allows you to know exactly what will get you closer to your 90 day goal and knowing that I have access to your Progress Log ensures that you’ll actually track your progress, plus we both get to celebrate all the progress you’re making.


Weekly Nudges

Because a lot happens in life during the week but you’ll receive reminders to get back on track and refocus so you can make progress on your goal.

Monthly Progress Log Recap

At the end of each month I’ll share a recap of your progress. I'll celebrate your victories, identify the lessons you've learned and share ideas for the upcoming month. 


Here's how it works:

  1. Purchase the Goal Getter Package and book your first coaching session

  2. At the first call we will schedule the following 2 coaching sessions & you will receive access to your personal Progress Log

  3. Weekly you will receive nudges to encourage, motivate and remind you to take action and update your Progress Log

  4. At the end of each month you'll receive a Progress Log Recap to encourage reflection on your progress and lessons learned 

But most of all, you'll feel pride in your accomplishments and progress overall. No more guilt for not following through on what you said you would do. You will be celebrating!




One Payment

  • Monthly Coaching Sessions

  • Progress Log Monitoring

  • Weekly Nudges

  • Monthly Progress Log Recap

Monthly Payment Plan


3 Monthly Payments

  • Monthly Coaching Sessions

  • Progress Log Monitoring

  • Weekly Nudges

  • Monthly Progress Log Recap

*The timing is based on when you book your first coaching session.

*Amanda is unable to book any coaching sessions in November or December 2023 but the package can continue into 2024.

Image by Annie Spratt

let's do this

It's time to make progress...not excuses. 

Life gets in our way all the time but when you're ready to take action in small, yet intentional steps, it's amazing what you can accomplish.

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