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Feeling stuck but also ready to move forward?

Get clarity on what to stop, start and continue in your business

I know you are READY to see results in your business but the question is...what to move forward with specifically?

If you've got lots of ideas but need someone to point you in the best direction, this was created for you.

You share all the details about your business.

I'll send back a detailed plan for moving forward.

Nothing cookie-cutter, it's 100% customized to you!

Just like you’d pull everything out of your pantry, check the expiration date and only put things back in that will keep you healthy, that’s what we can do for your business. 

It’s helpful to get an outside perspective on things in your business because so often we are too close to see what the next step is.

Image by Jason Leung

"You can't read the label from inside the jar."

Get Clarity On:


Let's craft your offering suite together


No more guessing about what to share or what's working


It's time to get organized so you feel less scattered

Choose one area that you want clarity on, share your details and receive a customized plan.


Business Edit

Get clarity on what to stop, start and continue in your business

How It Works:


You provide the area of focus and all the details about your business


I provide a detailed plan based on your questionnaire, goals and area of focus

1:1 Call

We have a 1-hour call to discuss any questions you have so you can move forward with confidence

All The Details

You'll walk away with a solid plan that you're thrilled with so that you take action and see the results you desire.

Your Details


In this detailed questionnaire you'll provide:

  • The area of focus you'd like help with

  • Details about your business currently

  • Your vision/goal for your business

  • Questions and struggles you have

Think of this like dumping all the thoughts you have swirling around into one place and allowing someone else to share their outside perspective.

Image by Christin Hume

Instead of sitting in indecision, you can share your thoughts, concerns and questions with someone else.

My Outside Perspective

Your Business Edit

After just 5 business days you'll receive your Business Edit. This document will include answers to your questions and a clearly mapped out plan for moving forward.

Everything is 100% customized to you, your business needs and your current season of life so that the plan is actually realistic for you specifically. 

Image by Brett Jordan

You don't have to do this alone. Receive specific feedback from someone outside your business who has a different perspective. 

The Final Touches

1:1 Virtual Coaching Session

You'll likely have questions or want to talk through specifics and that's exactly what this call is for.

We will talk through all the details of your plan so that you're comfortable and confident in moving forward.

Image by Nick Morrison

Receive encouragement and answers so you can move forward and take strategic and confident action. 

hey there

I'm Amanda McKinney

I absolutely love helping people make progress towards the goal they’re pursuing. But I also know that sometimes we can feel like we're on an island as an entrepreneur.


We (myself included!) can get caught up with lots of ideas but little direction. We're ready to take action but aren't sure what to do first.

Because I've seen results with hiring my own coaches for this type of strategy, I wanted to offer it to you too.

If you're looking for someone to say "here's the direction to run in", I'd be honored to help and support you.


let's do this

Purchase Your Business Edit

So you can move from being unsure to being unstoppable

You provide the details

I provide the custom plan

You move forward and see results in your business



If you have questions about this offering, please email us anytime. 

We'd love the chance to connect with you. Email


When will I complete the questionnaire?

Immediately after purchasing. As soon as your payment is processed you'll receive access to the questionnaire so we can get started.

How long will it take to receive my Business Edit?

No more than 5 business days after you've submitted your questionnaire. Once I receive your details I'll get to work on your Business Edit. You get to sit back and relax knowing that someone else is hard at work on your business. 

What format will the Business Edit be in, what can I expect?

You will receive a PDF document that outlines things I noted from your questionnaire submission as well as a detailed plan on how to accomplish the goal you've outlined.

Depending on which option you chose (Offerings, Content or Systems), you will have specific sections related to that area of focus.

Your Business Edit will be emailed directly to you within 5 business days. 

Will I get feedback on all areas of focus (Offerings, Content & Systems)?

No, you will specify one area of focus and your Business Edit will be customized for that specific area. This allows me to be incredibly thorough with providing details and a plan to move forward as well as keeps you focused and not overwhelmed. 

If you attempted to overhaul your offerings, content and systems at the same time, that would be too much to handle at once and would not lead to success. By focusing on one area of focus, you will be more successful and less overwhelmed. And you can always come back for the other areas later. 

When will our 1:1 coaching session take place?

This depends on when our schedules align but you'll chose that date and time based on your availability. As soon as you've submitted your questionnaire you'll be provided a link to book your 1:1 session. Ideally this will happen between 7 and 10 business days after you submit.

My goal is to provide you answers and a plan that you can move forward with within 2 weeks of your purchase. 

Is there an option for accountability after the 1:1 session?

While this is not part of the Business Edit, I definitely have options for ongoing accountability coaching. We can discuss the best fit for you based on your needs. I'd be thrilled to continue working with you as you implement your Business Edit plan. 

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