I wrote a book!

But it’s not my book…it’s our book and I want you to be part of this experience


Plus…its just WAY more fun to do things together!

While I typed the words in the first draft, YOU are the inspiration for the words. 

Every question I've received and student I've worked with has inspired this book. So I'm inviting you behind-the-scenes for the rest of this journey with me. 

But first, let me tell you what our book is all about!

*working title*

Uncover Your Confidence:
An Accidental Entrepreneur's Guide To Success

What does success feel like to you? Not someone else, but YOU?

This question is at the core of the book. As I've coached and interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs, I realized that there were commonalities among how new entrepreneurs viewed themselves and “success”.

If you’re anything like most accidental entrepreneurs (someone who follows a passion and “ends up” starting a business), you’ve likely fallen into the trap of what success “should” look and feel like. And when you’re trapped in the cycle of “shoulds” and comparison, this doesn’t allow for the true freedom you were seeking when you started your business. 


In this motivational and actionable book, I share several key questions to ask yourself so that you can truly uncover your confidence as an entrepreneur and unapologetically chase your definition of success.

Image by Martin de Arriba
If you're thinking
"Hey! That's me!"
then this is OUR book and I want your input as I make all the final edits. 

Here's how...

Become part of the Confidence Crew and you'll receive: 

A signed copy of the book (June 2023)

Behind-the-scenes info along the journey

Opportunities to read sneak peeks of the book content

Invitations to celebrations at different milestones

The chance to help me choose the cover art

An invitation to become part of my launch team

Input on the final title of the book

And extra stuff I decide to throw in there all along the way…because I always do!


What Happens Next?

Step 1: You join the Confidence Crew by pre-ordering your copy of the book.
Step 2: Between now and May 2023 I will be finalizing the book and I will communicate with you through email about the special events and updates.
Step 3: June 2023 you will receive your signed copy of the book!
So...what do you say? Will you join me on this book writing journey?

My goal with this book is that after reading it you will unapologetically chase your definition of success.

More about how this came about:
Why this topic?
I teach marketing but I found myself saying “it doesn’t matter what marketing channel you’re using if you don’t know what success means for you”. This book shares the foundation that will make marketing even easier and more fun for you!
Why now?
Writing a book has been on my mind for a while but through a turn of events I was introduced to a program that aligned with how I teach. It felt right and I said “yes” without knowing how it would work out. Out of the norm for me but it’s been a great experience.
Why this process?
The process of getting input from your students as you develop your offering (and marketing!) is exactly what I teach so that’s why this program spoke to me so much. I’m thrilled to have your input as I finalize the book because your contributions will make it even more effective.