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Grow your email list and fill your next yoga offering!

Learn how to host a successful (and stress-free) yoga challenge 

with a step-by-step plan! your time and sanity with these almost-done-for-you templates.
All you will have to do is plug in your specific yoga challenge details!

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What’s stopping you from selling out your next offering?


Not enough people on your email list
A free challenge is a great way to grow your email list. Plus, you can run this challenge MANY times or you can turn it into an automated system to help you continue to grow your email list.

You aren’t sure what to say on social media
Words are hard! But they sure do get easier when you have templates. Use these templates to not only learn how to run a successful challenge but they can help you with social media posts in general.

You lack follow-through with your big plans
You’re a creative person and sometimes that doesn’t lend itself well to making plans and following through. That’s why I’ve mapped out how to run a challenge one tiny action at a time. You can do this!

You’re not alone 💕


I’ve worked with hundreds of yoga teachers and these common roadblocks trip lots of people up. And after helping so many of those yoga teachers run a successful challenge, that’s when this Yoga Challenge In A Box was created.

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What’s Included in the Yoga Challenge In a Box


✅ Challenge Messaging Formula 
No more struggling to the find the words - I'm sharing the formula with you!

✅ 4 Promotional Messaging Templates 
Because you have to ask people to sign up to get them in your challenge!

✅ 9 Social Media Posts Templates 
Literally copy and paste PLUS image suggestions and graphic templates!

✅ 4 Challenge Sign Up Page Examples + Templates
Look at real-life examples to get inspiration for your sign up page!

✅ 5-day challenge outline
Every step of the challenge is outlined for you step-by-step!

✅ Daily Challenge Email Templates 
The welcome and 5 daily emails have already been written for you! 

✅ 20 Step Pre-Challenge To Do List
Everything is broken down in this list so you don't miss anything!

✅ 4 Step During-Challenge To Do List
This list is shorter but still mapped out for you so there's no guessing!

✅ 3 Step Post-Challenge To Do List
And you better believe one of these things is to CELEBRATE!!!! 

✅ 5 PDF Design Templates
Support your challengers with PDF resources, all designed for you!

Plus...encouraging words to help you through the entire process!

Hear from someone who used Yoga Challenge In A Box...


Everything you need to host a yoga challenge

Save time and energy by letting me write all your marketing for you! 

Yoga teachers who've used Yoga Challenge In A Box have said that it's saved them...



Fill your next yoga offering simply by plugging in your challenge details and hosting your challenge!


How long will I have access?
You will get immediate access to everything and can download the templates immediate and keep them for the life of the course. All the lessons are hosted inside of Teachable and as long as this offering is available, you have access.

What if I’m not happy? Can I get a refund?
At the risk of sounding rude (which I never want to be), this just won’t happen. Seriously, I’ve worked with a lot of yoga teachers and shared this information. These templates and to-do lists will save you HOURS of time and frustration. I know you will love it!
Since you will get immediate access and can download everything, there are no refunds with this product. But really….I know you will love it!

What format are all the files in and how are the lessons delivered?
All the templates are either Canva templates, images, google documents or PDFS. All are accessible and able to be downloaded or copied so you can edit and make changes.
There are several video tutorials included to help you use the templates and run a successful challenge. These videos are hosted inside of Teachable where you can watch them.

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