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Corporate Yoga Marketing Tips

Get (and keep!) the corporate yoga teaching job you're wanting!  

You know you can help employees but I get it, it can be intimidating to reach out to a big company. But the payoff is GREAT so it's worth taking the steps. I've created a free guide to help you, plus I've got some other resources for you too! 

What's included in the free PDF: 

  • Step-by-Step Process for Landing the Corporate Job

  • Tips for Keeping the Job Once You Have It  

  • Scripts for emails and direct messages 

  • Scripts and examples for marketing 


What are you waiting on? It's Free! Grab the guide!

Additional Resources

Podcast Episode: 

Corporate Yoga Tips with Journey Meditation Founder, Stephen Sokoler (episode #52)

Corporate Yoga Teacher Training - Samantha Harrison 


I also interviewed Samantha on my podcast (episode #41)


Go get that corporate job you're dreaming of!

You've got this!