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We'll create your 30-60-90 Day Plan so you're always focused on goal-achieving activities.
You'll walk away knowing EXACTLY what to work on so that you're not wasting any time or continuing to work on things that aren't bringing you closer to hitting your goal.
"Our coaching call really helped me FOCUS and was exactly what I needed to get things moving!"
- Jennie
Not sure yet? Let's talk:
Image by Annie Spratt
You're not lacking drive 
You're lacking direction
How It Works:
Step 1: Click the link below to pay for the 90 minute session

Step 2: Book your session and complete the strategy session intake form

*This form is in-depth and allows me to get to know you, your goals and your business. 

Step 3: Sit back and relax knowing help is on the way
*Between your form submission and our call, I'll review your answers and put together an agenda for our time together including the specifics of what you'll walk away with. At this time you'll have the opportunity to let me know if you'd like any changes or to share any additional information.

Step 4: Meet during the session time
*You and I will meet on Zoom for 90 minutes and because we've done the prep work, we jump right into your questions and to creating your customized 30-60-90 Day Plan. 

Step 5: Voxer support (1 week following session)
*Because I know follow up questions happen as you implement, this is what Voxer (a walkie-talkie app) is for. You can share thoughts, progress and questions for 1 week following our strategy session.



Thank you for encouraging me and showing me how to validate my course idea. It worked! 

I have 21 people registered already at full price! 


Thank you for providing easy steps to follow. 

I hosted my challenge and grew my email list by 13% and that feels like a huge win and I'm celebrating!


Thank you Amanda!!!

After our work together I heard from a potential business collaboration and she said my website and other marketing materials are the most professional she's ever seen!



3 Payments


One Payment


3 Monthly Payments

Still not sure?
If you have questions and want to make sure this is the right fit for you, use the button below to book a free 15 minute call. 
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