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Free Yoga Marketing Resources 

Remember the first time you taught a yoga class? How nervous you were? 

But now you can basically teach in your sleep! You've come so far and you're a phenomenal teacher!! Kudos to you for putting in all the effort it took to get comfortable at something that was so nerve-wracking to start with. 

Well will be similar. It might be uncomfortable for a bit but I promise you, just like teaching, it will get so much easier!! 

Where to start?

I like to share as much as I can for free but I also know, more choices can be overwhelming (hello, Netflix!) 


If you feel this way, I suggest to start with learning the 10 Minute Method because understanding this will help you take action with all the others that you decide to try! 

50 Social Media Post Templates

Free Templates 

Words are hard - I get it. And that's why I've created a list of 50 (yes, 50!) social media post templates just for you and your awesome yoga business. They're broken down into sections so you can grab the exact one you need in the moment. 

Yoga Challenge Checklist

Free Download

Overwhlemed when it comes to hosting a yoga challenge? This checklist tells you everything you need to get started! Plus a podcast episode to walk you through the steps.

Yoga Website Checklist

Free Checklist 

Not sure what pages to include on your website? 
Not sure what words or images to use? 
Not sure what service to use? 
I've got you covered in this free checklist! It covers it ALL! 

Simple Marketing Plan

Free Plan  

Having a plan will help you take action. This simple plan for marketing your yoga business will save you time, sanity and keep marketing simple and fun! 

Crisis Marketing Plan

Free Guide  

No one likes a crisis but they happen and it's better to have a plan on-hand. Download this plan so you don't have to guess the next time a crisis hits your yoga business. 

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