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What do you get when an Accountability Coach & a Time Management Expert Collaborate?

🎉 An AMAZING Goal Toolkit 🎉

Not to brag but this toolkit is packed with great templates, tools and tips and it's incredible!

We wanted to provide you with all the templates and tools you'd need to gain momentum in your goal pursuit.

You're busy so this toolkit saves you time and mental energy because you can hit the ground running! 

Packed with google docs, Canva templates and printable PDF's we've got you covered! 

*Plus it's only $47! For less than you'd pay for dinner, you can save HOURS of your time! 


What's Included:


➡️ 6 Podcast Episodes

➡️ Goal Project Plan Template & Tools

➡️ Calculate Your Capacity Tool

➡️ WHY Statement Template

➡️ Goal Reflection Template

➡️ 30-day Habit Tracker

➡️ Daily to-do List Template

➡️ Morning Routine Creator

➡️ 40 Inspirational Quotes & Images

➡️ Vision Board Canva Template

➡️ Ideas “Shelf” Template

➡️ Motivational Spotify Playlist

All this for only $47!

Created By:



I absolutely love supporting highly motivated female entrepreneurs achieve their goals! 

I understand that life tends to get in the way of our plans (hello schedule changes!) but that doesn't mean you can't still make progress.

My focus is helping you identify your current capacity so you can set realistic goals, timeframes and actions.


By doing this you feel proud of your progress and know that you did enough. Because that "not enough" feeling is awful and we need to change it! 

You are enough. You've done enough.

And you will achieve your goals! 



I help high achieving working moms ditch "hot mess mom" mode for good using real-life time management strategies.

As an industry expert, I am the founder and CEO of Time Management Academy, and work full-time for a Fortune 100 company as a marketing strategist.

My focus is to help you do LESS but achieve MORE in your life and business. 

​It's time to stop wearing the "busy badge of honor" and instead build the life and business of your dreams - you deserve it!

Image by Annie Spratt

Not Sure? Listen To This First 🎧
(and save 20%)

Image by Sincerely Media

Listen to episode 249 to take step #1 in this process...identifying one goal to pursue out of the many ideas you have (because we know you have many 😘)

*Heads up...there's a 20% discount code in this episode 🎉

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