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Less Tech Stress & More Results With Your Website

Yes please! 

If you struggle with tech or just want to get a website up quick and easily, I've got the answer for you...

Offering Tree 

Offering Tree is a company that set out to be different.


They started and still have the mission of helping yoga teachers "tech less and teach more". 

How awesome is that?! 


Because you're in my audience, you get 50% off the first 3 months on monthly plans and 15% off the first year on annual plans!!!! 

No coupon code needed, simply click any link from my website to Offering Tree and you it will automatically be applied for you! 


Watch this in action for FREE! 

Enter your information below to watch us create a website in 15 minutes!


Thank you for reaching out to learn more about me and how I can help you with growing your AWESOME yoga business! 

If you want to read more about me

>> click here to read the story on my About page

If you want to learn and listen 

>> click here to check out the podcast! 🎤

And if you're interested in learning more from me

>> below are several options:

Confident Yoga


A course packed with templates for: 

  • Website

  • Emails

  • Social Media

Yoga Challenge

In A Box

Everything you need to host a yoga challenge to help you grow your email list...and your yoga business!


Monthly Templates + Support

For yoga teachers looking to create the thriving yoga business of their dreams!

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