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Offer Yoga Online Masterclass 

This free, 1-hour Masterclass walks through the step-by-step process of getting started with sharing yoga online with your students. I want you to continue serving your students but also focus on creating a sustainable business. This is critical. Not only do you want to serve your students but you also need to serve your business as well. You can have a balance and we talk about it in this Masterclass. Use the link below to get instant access! 

Looking to market YOUR online yoga class to more people? All you have to do is add your [specific] yoga class to the list! 

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Then choose ONE area of focus:

Live Stream

Stream your classes to your students quickly and effectively

  • Facebook Live is a great way to reach your students if they're already on Facebook. Go live on your page and live stream a class today! Or start a private Facebook Group if you have paying students who should have special access. 

  • Instagram Live or IGTV is a great way to share yoga for free to your audience and get them use to virtual yoga. 

  • Podcast Episode: Using Instagram to grow your audience with Mary Ochsner - lots of tools and tips are mentioned in this episode. 

  • Pro Tip: Going live can seem scary but it will do three things for you (1) increase your confidence on camera, (2) saves time because there's no editing and (3) reaches your students where they are in an interactive way. 

  • Pricing for live streaming classes: they can be the same price as your in-person classes (unless you're offering them for free to get practice or grow your audience) 

Facebook Live Cheat Sheet (Free Download)
Facebook Live Masterclass On-Demand ($15 USD)
Instagram Cheat Sheet (Free Download)
Instagram Masterclass On-Demand ($15 USD)
Live Stream

Not just streaming but you're ready to interact with your 1:1 clients and group classes

  • Zoom: this is the go-to platform for interactive video. 

  • Free Acct. on Zoom: 40 minute limit on meetings and maximum of 3 people on the call. 

  • Pro Acct. on Zoom: $14.99 mo allows you to unlimited time on the call, recording is available and up to 100 people on the call. 

  • You can work with private clients on Zoom as well as groups. 

  • Pricing for private clients: same as you would charge for an in-person session. 

  • Pricing for group classes: same as you would charge for an in-person class (unless you're offering free classes for practice or to grow your audience)

  • Sending Links to Meetings: once you create the meeting inside of Zoom, you can send that link to all students registered for the class 

  • Recording Layouts in Zoom: choose the best for the replay. 

  • Active Speaker Layout in Zoom: show/record you, larger on screen

  • Zoom & Acuity Connection: student pay and receive the link automatically!

  • Pro Tip: When working with students virtually it's helpful for you to sit close to the camera and use verbal cues as opposed to demoing the class.

Zoom Cheat Sheet (Free Download)
Zoom Masterclass On-Demand ($15 USD)

You're ready to reach a large audience through YouTube. Time to dig in! 

  • YouTube: the go-to source for uploading video online. Bonus = it's owned by Google so this is a great perk and place to host your videos (even when you want to share them on your website too) 

  • Start a YouTube Channel: My favorite resource about YouTube is Trena Little and she was on my podcast. Listen to this episode and hear how she talks about starting a channel. 

  • Trena's YouTube Channel: And here is the best video to start with on how to create your channel

  • Equipment to use: use what you have before you buy anything! You'll never know what you need unless you start with what you have right now. Trust me, if you buy a camera or a microphone now you will likely buy the wrong one for what you need. 

  • Making money on YouTube: the best way to use YT to make money is to share free content on YT and then convert your audience to a paying student later. YT is a long-game strategy. 

  • Paid videos "hidden" on YouTube: If you have videos that you want to share with paying students, upload them as "unlisted" and then send your students the link. 

YouTube Cheat Sheet (Free Download)
YouTube Masterclass On-Demand ($15 USD)

You're looking to create online courses or start a membership for your students. 

  • Teachable: Platform for courses and memberships. If you're registered with Yoga Alliance you receive 15-30% off. 

  • Thinkific: Platform for courses and memberships.

  • Membervault: Platform for courses and memberships.

  • Patreon: Platform for courses and memberships.

  • All platforms listed are relatively easy to use and have great customer service. Use the tools they have to get your course or membership up and running quickly! 

  • Pricing Your Course/Membership: This is determined based on the value of your offering. Look at other options close to yours to get a benchmark on what others are charging for similar things. 

  • Equipment: If you're investing in this, you may look at upgrading your equipment (not necessary but a nice to have). Here is my go-to Wireless Microphone and Webcam that I recommend. 

  • Editing Video: iMovie is free for mac users. Camtasia is great for PC users but it's a paid program. This article shows multiple apps for editing on PC/Android devices. InShot is a great app for editing on your mobile device.

  • Launching: Listen to these behind the scenes episodes: ep 9, ep 11, ep 12

Marketing Online

You've got the online offering, now it's time to get people signed up!

  • Channels: use the channels that you are already using and where your students are too. If you're already communicating your weekly schedule on Instagram, use Instagram for now. 

  • Frequency: You're likely going to need to post more than typical right now due to the information overload that people are receiving. Share in multiple places so you ensure they see the message. 

  • Email to Students: if you're planning to offer classes or private sessions virtually, it's important to email your students. HERE is an example of a great email I received from my private yoga teacher. **Note that it includes a great video example where she prepared her students for how to use Zoom. You can do the same thing using

  • Make it Easy: keep it as simple as possible for your students in your messages to them, "click here to register" simple. The less steps they have to take, the more likely they will register. 

  • Words Are Hard! I get it and especially now. Here is an episode on Email Copywriting and another on About Page Copywriting for your website. Get inspired! 

Offering Tree - website, scheduling and payment all in one! 

Acuity - allows you to show class schedule and take payment online. 

Marketing Online