Podcast Guest Application

I want to hear your success story!

So you're looking to be a guest on the Marketing Yoga with Confidence Podcast? 

That's awesome!! And I can't wait to read your application! 

NEW IN 2022...

Guest interviews are centered around SUCCESS STORIES! 

I couldn't be more excited about this process of interviewing guests. As I reflected on what content has been most impactful for you as the listener, the answer is Success Stories. 


Well, we learn from other's success stories but not just the "look what I did" part. It's the PROCESS and the PATH to success that we learn even more. So in these interviews, we will explore not just what the success was but the path to that success story. 

What's success? 

Great question! And the answer is within you. YOU define success for yourself, your life, your business. If you want to hear my passion on this be sure to listen to episode #120 😉

But to answer the question more clearly for this podcast specifically, the actual end result isn't what will make it a "yes" or "no" for your submission. I actually don't care if what you succeeded in...okay, I'm sure there's some line I wouldn't cross but generally speaking...What I care about is that you succeeded in something. Maybe you...

  • Successfully launched a new offering in your business

  • Went live with a website after YEARS of "tweaking" it because it wasn't perfect in your mind 

  • Completed a training program that you were terrified (yet excited) to sign up for 

  • Managed to get the laundry done, meal prep AND take a shower during a really tough day

You get the point here - success comes in many forms in different seasons of our life. 

How this relates to your yoga business?

If you're thinking "how the..." right now it's okay. I knew this would come up. Yes, this podcast is all about creating and growing your thriving business but as an entrepreneur your life and business are intertwined. Work/Life balance is never 50/50 so it's all mingled together and we can learn from ALL success stories. 

As the host who guides the conversation during an interview I promise to connect any success story with your business. That's my job, not yours. 

Your job is to tell me about your success story so I can celebrate you as I read through your application! I can't wait! 

- Amanda 

Due to time constraints and number of pitches that come through, we do not respond to every application. However, we do review all applications and if you're a good fit for the podcast and our content plan for the next quarter, we will respond to your pitch within 2 weeks. Podcast pitches are reviewed on Wednesday's. 


Questions to ask before you submit an application:

Have You Listened To The Podcast?

If you haven't listened to the podcast at all, please listen to a few episode's before pitching to be a guest. It's the polite thing to do and it ensures that you know how Amanda and her guests communicate with yoga teachers. This will help you know if you would be a good guest for the podcast. 

Are You Trying To Sell Something To Yoga Teachers?

While we are all for sharing awesome resources with yoga teachers, this podcast is not a place to pitch your product or services. However, if you're able to extract something from your offering and teach on the podcast, this is an option. But the topic cannot be centered around your product or service. 

Are You Willing To Share The Episode When It Goes Live?

We promote every episode that's released and we expect that our guests will share their episode with their audience. This can be a simple social media post but if this is something you're unwilling to do, we respectfully ask that you don't apply. 

Want To Be A Superstar With Your Pitch?

If you're ready to stand out in a big way, after you listen to a few podcast episodes, leave us a review. Bonus points if you mention this in your podcast pitch so we know. 

Okay...you've made it through the notes! If you're still thinking "YES, I want to be a guest" then it's time to apply! And we can't wait to review your application. Use the form below: 

**If you're using your phone, click HERE to access the form in a more user-friend way 😉