2 Things That Are Stopping You From Succeeding in Your Yoga Business

Conversation with Inga Bentley

Feeling like things just aren’t working in your business? Or worried about what others might be thinking about your yoga business?

You’re not alone. My student Inga Bentley navigated all of these thoughts and more during this past year and she finally let go of what wasn’t serving her.

For her, this meant closing down her studio space and pivoting her business during the pandemic. Now her business is thriving because she truly stepped into who she is as a business owner and yoga teacher. She’s making more money than she was before but more importantly, she’s incredibly happy.

Get your heart and your notepad ready, my friend! Inspiration’s coming your way!

Stop doing these two things right now in your yoga business

These two mindset blocks might be keeping you from having success in your yoga business.

1. "Shoulding" yourself

Do you feel like you “should” be doing certain things in your business? What is it that you really want to do?

"I opened a studio and it was profitable right since the beginning. But even though it was profitable, and even though it was successful, it wasn't fulfilling me, and it wasn't make me happy." - Inga Bentley

Profitability is great, but there's also this other component: Something can be working very well, and be profitable, and still not be the thing that you want to do.

"I thought - why am I forcing something that isn't working when I can potentially be doing something different and pivot?" - Inga Bentley

If what you're doing is profitable but not fulfilling, then it's worth taking another look and really considering if you want to continue doing what you're doing. Remember: Letting go makes space for better things. If something isn't serving you (for any reason), letting it go can make space for new, better things in your life.

2. Worrying about what other people think

Are you constantly thinking about what others think about your decisions instead of asking yourself "Is this what I really want?"

If we are all honest about the emotions that we navigate as a business owner, decisions can sometimes come down to: 'What are other people going to think of that?' 'What are other people going to think if it doesn't work?' 'What are other people going to think if it's silly?'

"Everyone is looking at you going 'What the heck are you thinking? Why would you do this? It's not going to work for you. It's never going to be what you want it to be.' And you're thinking - Were they all right? Am I failure? Am I stupid for starting something and then not continuing it for the rest of my life?" - Inga Bentley

Sometimes it's easier said than done to say "Don't worry about what other people think." "Don't worry about the people that unsubscribe or block you." It can be really hard. It can really get into your mind and hinder you from making decisions that will be the best decision for your yoga business.

"I've had people block me, and I just don't care anymore because I'm going to be me and if you don't like it, that's okay. While yoga is for everyone, my style of teaching is not. Me as a person, I'm not for everyone. That's a hard pill to swallow." - Inga Bentley

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How to make decisions in your yoga business

These tips will help you make the tough decisions and let go of what's not serving you.

Take a vacation!

Step away for whatever amount of time you can manage (whether that's an hour, a day, a weekend, or more) to get some perspective. You have to give yourself some space to see where you want to go, what you want to do, and take an honest look if you're doing the things you need to do to get to that point.

It can be really hard to step away from your yoga business. You might need to plan really far ahead in advance so you can take care of things. I truly believe that you can figure it out, no matter the situation.

"Take a vacation. Get out of whatever rut you're in. Take a weekend. People understand. Shut off your laptop, shut off your phone, and let your brain shut off for a little bit when it comes to your business, when it comes to sequencing, when it comes to yoga." - Inga Bentley

Be honest with yourself

Be realistic and honest with yourself about what you want in your yoga business. Are you being influenced by other people's opinions or what you think you "should" want?

"Really give yourself the space to think about what you want. And if what you're doing isn't going to get you what you want, then it's not worth it." - Inga Bentley

Ask for help and find a community

Find people you can connect with that aren't necessarily directly tied to your business. It can be other business owners or other yoga teachers that you can have a true discussion with.

Inga found her community in Thrive, my online membership for yoga teachers.

"The bonus of Thrive is that we're all connected and we're all wanting to grow together, but we're in a space that we can be free to talk about our business openly. It's great to have people who will give you honest feedback. You need people who are going to challenge your thought process." - Inga Bentley

Being a part of a community can give you different ways of looking at things and help you see your blind spots, too. Find that support. Whether it's Thrive or a different community, find the support system you need to be vulnerable and ask these questions as a business owner.

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