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Why you need a business card as a yoga teacher

Do you have a business card as a yoga teacher? Have you thought about creating one?

This conversation has come up a lot lately so I thought it was time to recorded a blog on this topic as well as create a tips and resources download (access below).

Why you need a business card:

Regardless of whether or not you have one today, I encourage you to jump on the business card train. It's single-handedly the best marketing piece you can have as you are out meeting people. Let's say you are traveling with your family and you meet a few people along the way that are interested in virtual yoga sessions. Instead of writing information down for them, you can pull out your (super professional) business card and impress them immediately. Or let's say you are at a friends house and someone asks you about a private sessions. If you have a business card, you can hand it over to them and say "use the link on my card to book with me".

How to design a business card:

Great news! You don't have to be a graphic designer (or know one) in order to have a great business card. You just have to know where to go and I am happy to provide this information to you! You're welcome, friend =)

Get the details:

In this download, I include links to my go-to resource for design and printing of business cards. I use them, I suggest them to all my clients and anyone who will listen. The quality is fantastic, the turnaround is quick and the price is on-point! I also include all the details you need to know:

  • What information to include

  • What size to print

  • What paper quality to use

  • What quantity to print

  • Examples of yoga teacher business cards

Use the form below to download the tips and resources document.

Until next time,

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