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How (and why) to use video as a yoga teacher

Are you using video as a yoga teacher? Whether it’s for promotion of your classes on Instagram or YouTube or to provide private sessions to clients virtually, video is key right now!

Reasons video is key:

  • Easier to connect with your audience

  • Showcase your uniqueness as a yoga teacher

  • How many times do you look at something online and are pushed to purchase, or read more based on a video?

  • You are watching a video right now which is evidence it is working

Video is where it’s at and this is even the case if you do not feel comfortable behind the camera. As a matter of fact, you will connect with your audience even more if you aren’t perfectly poised behind the camera lens.

Tips for getting started:

  • Remember it doesn’t have to be you talking on camera if you are really nervous. Show other things to get more comfortable.

  • Just do it. Conquer the fear. I promise it won’t be as bad as you think. The more you do it, the better you will get. Just like yoga =)

Ideas for video marketing as a yoga teacher:

  • Share a simple message that’s on your heart today. No promotion required, just talk to the camera (aka: your audience)

  • Show your daily practice. Students of yoga teachers love to see what their teachers do on their own!

  • Behind the scenes look. What do you do to get ready for a class? Everyone loves a sneak peak at things.

  • Show an example of your class. Potential students would love to know what to expect from your class.

  • Show appreciation. After you leave a class full of joy from the experience, show that off on camera. Your audience will want to be a part of that.

  • Ask for feedback. You have people’s attention already, ask them questions you want to know the answer to.

Things to keep in mind if you are using video currently:

  • You need a strategy but don’t let that scare you off. The strategy can be as simple as “posting one video per week on Instagram”. The point is to have a plan so you will actually implement.

  • Track your audience engagement. As you have more and more videos you will find that your audience resonates with some topics more than others, the more you clue in on these, the more engagement you will receive.

  • Pick one platform for video and stick with it. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, your website or YouTube, just pick one to get started. You can always add more later but trust me, one is enough!

Until next time,

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