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Yoga Teacher Training - Week #2 Reflection

Another 17.5 hours down and I have more energy after weekend #2! I believe it’s because of one thing...a sense of belonging. The word of week #2: BELONG.

I would have never thought that only after 6 days of being with my cohort of students I would feel like I belong and fit into the class, but I do, and I am not the only one. There were other fellow students that mentioned this during our last class too. It’s nice to hear that everyone is feeling the same and getting to know one another. While I am not completely connected to everyone, I do feel like we are all getting to know one another slowly but it’s happening quicker than I originally anticipated. I have read and hear about so many who go through YTT and they become so close to their fellow students and I can see it happening to me too. We are starting to exchange phone numbers so it’s getting real =) If I give out my number, it’s the real deal!

A Skeletal Bodysuit Wins Everytime!

We did continue down the path of anatomy and learning about bones, joints and muscles but it was easier to digest than last weekend. But this is probably because I have the best lead instructor -- she wore a skeletal system bodysuit! Ah-mazing! Although, I do think I have trouble comprehending anatomy of movement but bones and joints are a little easier for me. The jury is still out on this...we shall see!

Magic Formula for Yoga Teacher Cueing! I’m In!

The best news is that we learned the magic formula of cueing!! What a difference this formula makes too. I was so concerned about effectively cueing students during teaching and this formula makes it so much easier. This is why I love templates for things and do my best to provide as many templates as possible for my marketing clients/students. They are wonderful! As we were learning this formula I was brought back to my childhood to one of my favorite games...Twister. I love how simple the instructions are “right hand red” and boom, you know what to do with your body. This is what the magic formula is all about. Now I just have to use it.

All I need is….Practice!

On that note...My biggest takeaway from this weekend was that I need to practice teach all the time. I didn’t understand how I could teach before becoming certified to teach but I get it now and I need to get on that train asap. It’s like anything else and will get better with practice. And let me tell you, I need the practice. My first several practice teachings have been consistently rough (and that is putting it nicely to myself!). So that’s my goal for the next 2 weeks - to practice teach as much as I can.

What’s the silver-lining to an injury?

I found it! I was the go-to person when the class needed to figure out modifications. Who knew a bum knee would get all the attention in class, but it did. Instead of feeling bad about not being able to do things, I am focusing on the fact that I am able to help 21 other new yoga teachers due to my injury.

Just a few more of my yoga teacher training takeaways:

  • I need to practice teach. Period. End of story. Like now. Let me know you if you want to be my student.

  • I need to wear my knee brace to practice every time. I did much better with restriction since I wore it this past weekend.

  • Cueing with the magic formula. Genius idea! This is why they are teaching yoga and I am teaching marketing. They are awesome to come up with this trick. I labeled this as the “twister method” in my brain since it’s like twister “right hand red”.

  • Learning the “twister method” is this was easier than anatomy. “Step your right foot up to the front of the mat”. Much easier for my brain than “flex your knee and bring it FORWARD to the front of your mat”.

  • Learning about bones and joints is much easier when your lead instructor is wearing a skeletal system bodysuit! Love her!

  • My injury actually came in handy several times this weekend. I was able to explain some things and I was the go-to person to ask for modifications. Silver-lining people!

  • I really enjoy meditation and am looking forward to learning how to guide others through the practice.

Until next time,

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