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How to set up an Instagram profile that shows off your personality

To follow or not to follow? That is the Instagram question. In our fast moving and decision fatigued society, you have less than 7 seconds to make an impression. 7 seconds! How can you optimize your Instagram profile to have a potential follower or future student press that “follow” button? On the ‘gram, making a good first impression starts with setting up the perfect Instagram profile.

Friends, it’s time for an Instagram profile makeover! Here’s how to stand out and show off your unique personality through your Instagram profile name, image, bio and link to make the best impression possible in less than 7 seconds.

Instagram Profile Name

First things first, your name! But before we get carried away, let’s distinguish your profile name versus your handle. Your handle is your username to log into the app, usually signified by the ampersand: “@thebestyogiever”. For your handle, use your business name, personal name or anything else you come up with.

Your profile name is displayed underneath your photo in your profile. Here are a few options on how to display your name on Instagram:

  • Personal name: Amanda McKinney

  • Yoga + Personal name: Yoga | Amanda McKinney

  • Personal name + yoga: Amanda McKinney | Yoga

  • Niche yoga indication: Amanda McKinney | Prenatal Yoga

  • Yoga + location: Prenatal Yoga | Tulsa

  • A mixture of the above! Amanda McKinney | Prenatal Yoga | Tulsa

Adding keywords such as niche or location in your profile name allows you to appear in more searches. If someone is looking for prenatal yoga in Tulsa, and you have both words in your profile name there’s a high chance you’ll appear!

Instagram Profile Image

That tiny circle image on your Instagram profile makes a big impact when it comes to impressions. Here are my three recommendations when selecting your Instagram profile image:

A close-up photo of you

Choose a clear, photo of you where a potential follower can see your eyes. Eyes are a powerful connection tool and if they see them they’re likely to feel a connection with you and give you a follow!

A yoga pose

If you’re unable to fit the word “yoga” into your profile or handle name, your profile picture is a great opportunity to showcase what you’re all about. Strike your favorite yoga pose!


If you’re a yoga studio, keep consistent with your brand and use your logo as your Instagram profile image.

Instagram Profile Bio

Time to get creative with just 150 characters! Now we have your profile image selected and your name chosen — time to tell the world what you’re all about. It’s time to set up and show off your personality in your Instagram bio.

Here are ideas of what to include in your bio:


They’re playful and everyone loves them! If you use emojis when chatting with friends, use them in your Instagram bio. They’re easy to use and a great way to break up text.


Show off your skills, girl! You worked hard for what you’ve achieved — show it off. List off the trainings you’ve finished or any awards you’ve won! It shows you’re qualified and people will trust you.

Your yoga niche

If you have a yoga niche (go, you!) mention it in your Instagram bio. Prenatal yoga, yoga for PTSD, acro-yoga — whatever it is! Your profile is the perfect place to talk about what fuels your fire. Still searching for your niche? Check out my free guide that helps you niche down to get more butts on the mat!


If you’re unable to mention location in your profile name, add your location in your profile. This way, followers and potential students can see where you teach. Be specific about the city so you’re targeting the right audience.

Link in your Instagram Profile

Making our way down your Instagram profile, we have reached the location to add a web address. Here are some options for how to best utilize this feature:

  • Add your business website, if you have one

  • Add your Facebook page if you do not have a website

  • Use the awesome website to navigate your followers to multiple websites, social media platforms or opt-ins

Feeling inspired to give some pep into your Instagram step?

Your Instagram profile is only the beginning of establishing your brand and growing your following. For more tips and tricks for how to best utilize Instagram as a yoga teacher, take a look into my Intentional Instagram course for even more ways to boost your profile.

See you on the mat!

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