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Yoga Teacher Training - Week #7 Reflection

Word of the weekend = Togetherness

Holy Bananas - it’s all coming together!

This is literally what I said to myself after weekend #7. All the stuff we learned about anatomy and specific poses, we are now learning how to build a sequence. I can’t believe I only have 6 more weekends of yoga teacher training left!

Plus I know I’m a structured and organized person so I should’ve expected that I would love the part of training about creating a plan. Haha!

This weekend was all about creating sequences. What needs to be included and how much time to spend on each section. Yes, yes, you can go off-script but when you are first starting out as a teacher it’s great to have a plan to go off of. Please please please go into your first yoga classes with a plan! Just as your marketing always needs a plan!

This made my marketing heart so happy as I teach this method for marketing too. Have a plan to start with, get comfortable with it, then start to branch out and experiment once your confidence is up. I mean, there is no way that I would ever show up to teach my first class without having thought it through beforehand and that’s the same feeling I like to encourage about marketing.

Sorry, back to yoga teacher training =)

We learned about sequencing and themes. Another big surprise...I love themes too! Having one theme weaved into the entire class is so good. I like it when teachers do this and now I’m learning how to do it. So. Much. Fun!

Sequencing your yoga class

We learned about the timing for different poses and sequences — down to the minute! My organized and planning heart could have exploded. As a new yoga teacher, it’s so helpful to have a guide to follow like this.

Copyright 2018 Everyone Yoga School

For those that love visuals, you can represent the sequence of a yoga class using a bell curve.

Copyright 2018 Everyone Yoga School

Theming your yoga class

Another awesome thing I learned is how to theme your yoga class. Having a direction and a mood to set for your class can be revealed through mudras, montras, music, posses and words. By intertwining these different methods, you can eventually have an overall brand theme. For example, you could be a yoga teacher that focuses on “enoughness” through restorative yoga practices.

Hmm..I wonder what my overall yoga brand theme will be?

Final Groups

We were also placed into groups for our final. This will be how we know if we graduate or not. As a group, we will teach an 80 minute class, 20 minutes each for 4 people and we each have a section of the class. I’m super excited that I was able to secure the end of the class so I will be taking the class from the peak pose to the Savasana! And of course Savasana can’t be 10 minutes of my final so it will be abbreviated to about 2 minutes.

I was put in a wonderful group and didn’t know everyone really well so it’s a great way to get to know more of my classmates. It’s amazing how much more connected you become when you are going to teach together. I’m all for partnerships and teaching together so this was an exciting concept for me but I know it wasn’t for everyone. However, I believe that in the end, everyone will be happy about working together.

But really, everything feels like it’s coming together. The information is sinking in because it can be applied, we are now in our final groups and it’s furthering our togetherness with each other. Such an exciting time!

Until next time,

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