How To Land a Yoga Teaching Gig Outside The Yoga Studio

Updated: May 17, 2019

So you’ve got the creative idea, now it’s time to land the gig! But how to go about that? I’ve got you covered friend.

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Two weeks ago we chatted all about all the different ways you can work as a yoga teacher that don’t involve working inside the yoga studio. Well, Amanda, that’s great and all but how do we use that list of creative ideas and put them into action?

Well friend, I’ve got you covered. Today is all about how you can land that creative teaching gig to further fulfill your passion (and wallet) as a yoga teacher!

Step one: Get the details together

You don’t have to have it all figured out but you should know the overall concept of what you want to pitch to either the other business owner or your ideal student in order to make this happen.

For example:

If you want to host a special workshop once a month at a specific location (be it a rec center, studio, church, corporate office, non profit, etc.) you will need to sell the location on this idea before you can sell the actual workshop. Right? Can’t host a workshop without a place to host it!

So get the details straight and yourself organized before pitching the idea. Here’s a basic framework of what to have outlined for the decision maker you speak with:

  • Benefits of the workshop for the attendees/students (remember to focus on the benefits, not the features of the workshop)

  • Cost for the facility or the attendee (depending on how the workshop is structured)

  • Frequency of the workshop (will you have a trial then a longer ‘contract’ or do you want to host a series of workshops right away)

  • Timing of workshop (how long will the workshop be, what time of day, do you need set up before and clean up time after)

  • Have you done this before (if you have any previous success, make sure to mention this)

Step two: Find the contact person

If there are any other organizations or businesses affected or included in your creative idea, then you will need to discuss your idea with them in order to get them on board.

Sometimes finding that person takes a bit of time so do your homework on this. The best way to go about this is to use your contacts. Do you have a student in class that works at the corporate office that you want to teach at? Then use them to get in contact with the HR department. Do you have a friend that manages the local parks? Then talk to her/him about hosting an outdoor activity. The point is, use your resources to get in contact with the right person so you can get the “yes”. The phrase is true “it’s all about who you know”.

If personal connections don’t lead you there, this is where the power of our friend “Google” come in! Perhaps even LinkedIn can lead you in the right direction.

Step three: Make the ask

This is seriously the step that stops more yoga teachers than anything else. Make the ask. Just know that the worst they can say is ‘no’ and the best news about that is that the more you hear ‘no’, the closer you are to a ‘yes’. Ask Nicole Peltier Hall, she knows all about it!

If at all possible, make the ask in person. This allows the other person to see and interact with you right from the start. Remember, you are the differentiating factor with yoga teachers so you want to showcase yourself. If you can’t get in front of the person, make a phone call. In a world where we send tons of emails and text messages, a phone call is a rarity so take the extra effort and make the call.

If you can’t go in person or make the phone call, send an email. In this email be brief but clear in what your ask is - which should be an intro of your offer but the ask is to meet them in person and discuss details. Don’t ask them for a yes or no in an email, always offer the opportunity to talk with them however it’s convenient for them.

Go the extra mile, make the extra effort and stand out. This doesn’t take much in today’s world. Be you and you will stand out.

Making the ask can feel overwhelming but once you do it a few times it gets much easier. Plus, the more clear and confident you are in your offering, the easier it will be. So get clear on what you want to do, make the right contacts and ask the question. You got this!

Step Four: Say Thank You

And in the name of all things holy, please send a thank you note to them no matter what they tell you! Thank them for their time or for the opportunity to work together/serve their audience. Be appreciative that you were able to connect with them. You never know what this simple act of gratefulness can lead to, plus it’s yoga so let’s live that as teachers.

Have fun with all the ways that you teach yoga, whether it’s in or out of the studio! Enjoy it and you will enjoy your career as a yoga teacher. Not every day will be a walk in the park but the good days will outweigh the struggle days so find what lights you up and go for it!

And there you have it, a simple four step process to help you land a new and exciting gig to flex your creative yogi muscles around the community!

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Until next time,

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