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The ONE Sentence That Will Help You Earn More Money as a Yoga Teacher

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I have one sentence that will help you earn more money!

But before we get to that, let me share a sentence that yoga teachers are often told that makes me cringe!

“If you’re thinking of quitting your day job, don’t.”

While I definitely suggest for yoga teachers to keep their ‘day job’ as they are just starting out, this doesn’t have to be true forever. It puts into our mind that we cannot earn a full-time living that will support our livelihood by soley teaching yoga.

That’s just not true! There are teachers out there teaching yoga while supporting their families. And I truly believe we need to be mindful as my mom used to say: “watch your language young lady”.

We need to be careful of the words we use and the thoughts we allow. You know the saying:

Your thoughts become your words and your words become your actions and your actions become your habits.

Let’s break the habit of thinking we can’t earn money by solely teaching yoga. Okay?!

There is one answer to this dilemma, just one and once you’re ready to believe it, you can change the trajectory of your yoga business. Are you ready for it?


Also known as...niching down.

I know that yoga is for everyone and I 100% believe it. Trust me. And because I (and you) believe this, it actually makes it more important for you to niche down and get specific.

There are so many yoga teachers today (and thank goodness, for that) but it gets us into a situation at times: a saturated market. But it won’t be a problem for you once you learn how to stand out.

Many of the yoga teachers I work with automatically think that I will want you to identify one person. Yes, this is fantastic and where I want you to get eventually but “niching down” can also be as simple as answering this question:

What problem to address the most often in your yoga classes or with private clients?

Do you find yourself correcting alignment the most and find enjoyment in helping your students become aware of alignment issues that are happening in their bodies? Then that can be your niche! “My students work in offices and sit at computers all day so I help them become aware of their posture and focus on alignment-based yoga classes.”

Do you find yourself teaching more and meditation classes because your students keep asking for it and you love it? Then that can be your niche! “I incorporate meditation into all of my yoga classes and even have dedicated meditation-only classes because I find that when we focus on the mind, the body reaps the benefit too.”

Do you find yourself wanting more and more private clients, specifically couples, because you enjoy investing in their personal experience and watching it help not only their bodies but their relationship? Then that can be your niche! “I work with couples who are looking to spend quality time together while also getting in a workout.”

The list could go on and on. The point it, I want you to get specific. Get specific with one of these things and you will figure out the other one as time passes:

Either the PERSON or the PROBLEM.

Ask yourself one of these questions to find out:

Who do you serve?


What problem to you address?

Ideally, you will get to know both of these answers but today, you only need to figure out one.

Your Best Next Step:

Declare one of these statements to someone today. Even if you don’t believe it yet, say it. See how it feels and sit with that for a while. Then say it again and see how it feels. See what changes when you continue to say it. See what the reactions are as you further explain your niche.

I serve (insert type of person)


I help (insert problem you address and the solution you provide)

Need help figuring this out? Download my free guide on niching down by entering your info into the form below.

Until next time, give yourself permission to earn money and grace along the way.

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