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Fill Your Yoga Classes in 3 Simple Steps

Filling your yoga class can feel stressful and overwhelming. But when we really boil it down to the basics, there are 3 steps to help you get to FILLED.

Step 1: Knowing Your Dream Student

Step 2: Knowing Your Marketing Channels

Step 3: Knowing Your Message

Let’s walk through each of the steps together!

Step 1 To Fill Your Yoga Class: Know Your Dream Student

Yoga is for everyone but not every class or workshop is for everyone. Not all classes are suitable for all people so you need to know who your dream student is for that particular class.

Here are some suggestions to know who is best for your specific class:

  • Who shows up consistently (even if it’s just one person)

  • Who is always inviting friends to your class?

  • Who do you know would benefit from this class specifically?

  • If you could give this class to anyone for free, who would you invite?

“When you’re trying to fill your class, it’s important to think about just one class. Don’t think about your entire yoga business because that will stress you out. Just focus on one class at a time. Deal?” - Amanda McKinney

**This was also a podcast episode. Use the player below if you'd like to listen:

Step 2 To Fill Your Yoga Class: Know Your Marketing Channels

You don’t need to be everywhere! There are tons of marketing channels available to you and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So I suggest that you pick just 2 marketing channels that you will focus on to fill your yoga class.

Yes, it can be that simple. Just 2 marketing channels. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed with that, I have a suggestion for you:

Choose one online marketing channel

And then choose one offline marketing channel

**Special note: if you aren’t able to focus on in-person marketing or you are focused on building a 100% online yoga business, focus all your energy on online efforts.

No matter where you’re focus is, here are some questions that can help you identify what marketing channels are best for you:

  • Where does your dream student hang out on/offline?

  • What channels are you currently using and are comfortable using?

  • What comes easy to you when it comes to marketing? *Even if it’s not “easy”, what comes with the least amount of friction for you?

Once you have a few things listed, find the middle ground of where you’re comfortable and where your dream students are already engaging. Those will become your marketing channels you can focus on.

Then it’s all about focusing your energy and effort into these channels.

“Filled can mean 4 people, 10 people, 100 people. You need to know what “filled” is for your specific class in order to actually fill it.” - Amanda McKinney

Step 3 To Fill Your Yoga Class: Know Your Message

Words are hard but they do get easier once you know your dream student and can hear or read their words. Because the best marketing message you can have is using your students words.

Yes, this means testimonials but it also means how they speak and describe your class.

Words/phrases that are helpful:

  • How does your dream student feel before they step into your class?

  • How does your dream student feel after they’ve taken your class?

  • How does your dream student describe your class?

Once you have these words, this becomes your messaging! From social media posts, to emails, to class descriptions. This becomes the best words you can use to invite more students to your yoga class.

Your next step

Use the form to get the workbook and full replay of this training. From there it’s time to take the 3 steps. Walk through each, one step at a time and remember this is a process.

Until next time give yourself permission to fill your classes and grace along the way.

“Whether you’re trying to fill a class, workshop or any other offering, this process works for everything. These 3 steps will help you fill any yoga offering you have.” - Amanda McKinney

There are extra tips and examples for these 3 steps inside the workbook for this training. Use the form below to get the workbook delivered to your inbox immediately!


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