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5 Secrets to Grow Your Yoga Business

Are you ready to build the thriving yoga business of your dreams?

If you struggle filling your classes or workshops and desperately want to grow your yoga business, I’m here for you.

I hear this all the time as a yoga marketing coach: “Amanda, I want to grow my yoga business but….”

The rest of that sentence can vary from “I don’t think it’s possible” to ‘I don’t know how” to “I just want to help people, should I be thinking about it like a business?”

Oh friend, I’m here and there’s two things I want you to remember:

First, You have to earn a living somehow so why not do it by doing something you love and helping others along the way.

Second, the more money you make, the lives you’re impacting and the more you can give.

Most yoga teachers who I work with want to help people and that’s what building a business can help you do. When you have a successful business, you are helping more people. So I’m sharing 5 secrets with you today that will help you grow your yoga business.

**This was also a podcast episode. If you prefer to listen, use the player code below:

Secret #1: You need the right mindset to grow your yoga business

You know this as a yoga teacher. Your mindset can propel things or take them down like a lego tower crumbling down when a kid knocks it over with brute force. It can help or hurt you so when it comes to running a successful yoga business, you need a positive mindset around this. And the first step in this process is to recognize that you’re an entrepreneur. This will help you run a successful business as a yoga teacher.

Secret #2: You need to set goals and a schedule to grow your yoga business

Did you just roll your eyes when you heard the word ‘schedule’? I bet you did because I’ve literally seen this happening in front of me many times. I’ve actually had yoga teachers tell me “Amanda, I’m allergic to having a schedule”. I get it and I say, embrace that in all areas that you can but running a business isn’t one of them. I’m not saying you have to have a set schedule for every minute of every day but you do need to know when you will work ON your business instead of IN it. In order to grow a yoga business, you need to do the stuff to actually make it happen and like you show up to teach a class that’s scheduled, if you have a schedule for this, you will show up and rock it too!

Secret #3: You need to niche down to grow your yoga business

I bet this time you literally just leaned back or want to stop reading right now. I know the idea of narrowing down what you offer and who you work with is terrifying and down right backwards in our minds. But trust me when I say this, when you get clear on who you want to serve with your awesome yoga offerings, you will grow your business. Period. Yes, it will take time to get the message right and to transition all the other things in your business today but it will happen. I promise! I don’t guarantee much but I can guarantee that when you get specific, you will grow.

Secret #4: You need to market your yoga business to actually see growth

Oh goodness, I’m sure I’m making you sweat now with all this business talk but hang with me. Marketing isn’t bad or negative. It’s the way some people have marketed to you that feels like crap. You don’t have to do that. You get to market your yoga business in the way that feels right to you. Can I get an amen?! And the best way to do this is by creating a marketing sequence. Just like you create a sequence for your yoga classes to help students go from tadasana to crow pose, that’s what you can do with your marketing. It’s a plan to help guide you through the process. And just like you eventually became more comfortable with leading a class and went off-script and now you can wing it in class, you get to do that with marketing eventually too. But you need to start with a plan my friend.

Secret #5: You need to use the right words to grow your yoga business

Words are hard. Oh they are so dang difficult! But I promise that the words to use as you’re marketing your yoga business actually does get easier. I know that seems impossible as you’re starting a blinking cursor on a social media post but it does get easier. The words start to flow much easier if you get going. And there is a process of finding the best words for your audience. This comes back to that niche too. All of this is intertwined together to make it work together.

Those are the 5 secrets in a nutshell but I elaborate on all of these in the full free training on this. Please make sure that you go to to watch the entire thing.

Once you put these 5 things together, you will grow your yoga business.

Will it take work? Yes.

Will it be frustrating sometimes? Yep.

Will it be worth every second of it. 100%

I will never promise you an overnight success with growing your business. If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick option, this is not the training for you. But what I will promise is if you implement these secrets with commitment and consistency, your yoga business will grow.

Because you will consistently show up for your yoga business and where we put energy, flourishes. You will take this one step at a time and those little steps will become BIG wins when you look back at all you’ve achieved. You can and will do this! I believe in you and I know you believe in you too.

Your next step

Enter your information below to watch the entire free training on this. I’m sharing an hour of goodness in this training and I want you there! Set aside an hour to dive in and get clear on how to implement these 5 things into your yoga business so you can grow your business starting today!

Until next time give yourself permission to grow your yoga business and grace along the way.


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