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5 Word Magic Trick To Describe Your Business At Any Networking Event

Updated: May 28


Article Summary

Do you stumble over your words as you describe what you do to others? If so, this 5-word exercise is going to change that completely. My guest, Carin Hunt walks you through a very simple exercise to help you get clear on those words so you can share about your business with confidence. Plus, Carin explains how you can approach networking in a new way that feels comfortable to you. Join us for a laughter-filled chat with Carin as she shares tips for rocking networking events and turning contacts into connections that will help you grow your business.


  • Celebrate your wins and embrace the different seasons of entrepreneurship.

  • Reframe networking so you can enjoy the benefits and see business growth.

  • Carin's exercise that helps you know exactly how to introduce your business.

**This was also a podcast episode (episode #243). If you'd like to listen to this conversation, use the link below.

Ep. 243: [Carin Hunt] 5 Word Magic Trick To Describe Your Business


"What I have found is once you find that you have that spirit, it is so hard to fit in. You don't know where to go because society is trying to get you to go one way, the corporate world. And you're just like, this doesn't feel good. And you just want to go against the grain and my advice is go against the grain. Do what's on your heart. Try different things. Figure out what it is for you." - Carin Hunt

"If anyone is in the hospitality world, which a lot of us are, and you are that creative entrepreneur, if you can work in a venue and have that experience and understand how operations works, it makes business life so much easier." - Carin Hunt

Reminders For Hard Times In Your Business

We all experience hard times in our business and in those times you have to remember that it's part of the process. Do your best to separate yourself from the failure or tough time you're navigating so that you can make the best decisions to keep going.

"I have found that when I spiral and we do that, where it's like every, you feel like you're disappointing everybody, your business, your clients, like there's that moment, borderline burnout. And what I have found is if you can just do the next right thing that's all you need. One small step." - Carin Hunt

"This too shall pass. The good, the bad, it's a season. It's always a season. That's why it's so important to celebrate your wins. if we don't celebrate our wins, we'll never be enough." - Carin Hunt

Why Networking Is Great For Your Business

You've likely heard that networking is great for your business but chances are you've also thought "ugh, I do not like networking". If you've got a stuffy room filled with people with name tags on, looking very bored as your view of networking, this is why it feels so awful. Networking can be that but it can also be connecting with someone in the coffee shop line or having a friend connect you with another friend.

"Networking is relationship building and simply connecting with other people." - Amanda McKinney

"I know we hear networking events or we see an opportunity to attend a networking event and it's like, I should go, but I have no idea what I would say or I don't know anybody who's going. And you tend to find all the excuses." - Carin Hunt

"When you connect with other people that's when your business actually grows." - Carin Hunt

"If you don't tell people about your business nobody's going to know it's there. You can sit behind your computer and build the website and build the social media presence and all of those things and yes that will get some people aware but nobody's truly going to understand who you are and what it is that you do until you actually get out there and tell people not only what you do but what your goals are." - Carin Hunt

Women's networking event, woman speaking and others listening

Describing Your Business At Networking Events

(5 Word Magic Trick)

"The first thing that you have to do to start these conversations is to understand who you are and what your business does because you can't share about your business if you don't know this." - Carin Hunt

  • Close your eyes and think about your top-of-the-world moment

  • Use 5 words to describe how you feel

  • Ask yourself, is this how I want my clients to feel? Or how you want to feel when you work with your clients?

Carin's Example:

  • Empower

  • Celebrate

  • Illuminate

  • Connection

  • Confidence

"If it's not hitting all five, right, then you have to ask why is this not a whole body yes. And maybe you move forward, maybe you don't, but at least you have something to reflect on for your business." - Carin Hunt

"You can now use these words to help you describe your business. It's so much easier to talk to people. [For example] I'm here to empower wedding professionals to build businesses worth celebrating." - Carin Hunt

"This prompts people to ask more questions. Like, this is amazing, tell me more." - Carin Hunt

"That's where I like to start so that you feel confident and excited to walk into a room and tell people about what you do." - Carin Hunt

I-Help Statement Formula:

I help (who) to do (what) by (how).

Start Conversations Where You're Comfortable

If you're uncomfortable with the idea of networking or even just describing your business, start with people who you're comfortable with. When you tell a friend that you need to fumble through some words to figure out right ones, they will be supportive and helpful. If you don't have those friends, find a coach or a mentor who will support you in that season.

"Think of who you'd like to connect with and start sharing your business and your goals with them. Guaranteed, they're gonna wanna help you out. All you have to do is say: I have a new mission statement. Can I say it to you and just see how it hits?" - Carin Hunt

"If you're not comfortable talking to friends or family, go into an entrepreneurial Facebook group where there's entrepreneurs, and post anonymously. I mean there's thousands of people in these groups that can give you some feedback." - Carin Hunt

"I know receiving feedback can be hard but the moment that I was able to accept the feedback to make something better, I became a better business owner." - Amanda McKinney

Make Networking A Priority In Your Business

If you don't plan for this, you're planning to fail at networking because you simply won't do it and that's especially the case if you are uncomfortable. To get this going and see the benefits, here's Carin's suggestions:

  • Look up associations/groups in your area that align with you/your business

  • Follow those associations on social media or email so you know about their events

  • At the beginning of the month, look at the event calendars and decide on the events you want to attend

  • Put the events on your calendar and make it a non-negotiable

"It's something that will move my business forward. Therefore, it has to happen." - Carin Hunt

Tips For Networking With Ease

We all have that nerve-wracking feeling just before we go into a place for an event. Remember that it's normal to feel nervous but when you push through the fear you'll be on the other side and in a few minutes you'll be so glad you went.

  • Wear a conversation starter (ex: bright color, fun tennis shoes, etc.)

  • Find a line and get it in (ex: the bar, the bathroom, the food, etc)

  • Ask people why they are at the event

"There's somebody who has these beautiful, they're actually clear rimmed glasses, but they're such a statement. I'm like, if I see those, I'm going to remember it's you. Or if you have a bold colored bag that you bring everywhere, maybe you have purple sneakers, maybe you're known for showing up in all white every time." - Carin Hunt

"I've had the question, is your logo a statement piece? And the answer is no. Logos get lost." - Carin Hunt

"It's not about standing out and being the boldest in the room. It's about starting a conversation and that can be subtle." - Carin Hunt

"Wherever there's a line, that's where conversations start. And then you can start looking at other people and seeing if they have a statement piece or if they have a story, you know, somebody's wearing like a cool hat or whatever it is, just open up the conversation with a compliment and run from there." - Carin Hunt

"Ask others, why did you decide to come tonight? And they'll ask you back and then you can share your goals. And then a lot of times they'll say, oh, I actually know somebody. Let me introduce you, right? So open up the conversation of why you're there." - Carin Hunt

Don't Forget To Follow Up After Networking

They say the fortune is in the follow up and even though it's not all about the money, this is something to remember. After you spent the time at the event, don't waste that connection and forget to follow up. The key is to create a system that works for you so you don't forget to follow up with those who you've met.

"I suggest taking notes. Say 'let me get your phone number' and you just write a little note in with their phone number, or just write something on their business card. Then the next day you have something to connect with them about." - Carin Hunt

"I also use voice memos to myself especially if I'm at an event and I'll walk around a corner and basically talk to myself. "I just met Carin she lives in Florida. I need to follow up with her about doing a podcast swap' and then it's done and I email it to myself." - Carin Hunt

"I recently got an email that was, 'hey it was so great to see you at the networking event last week. Hope to connect soon.' That was a waste of time writing that email because there is nothing to talk about from that." - Carin Hunt

"Instead of just sending an email, send them a voice text or a video, and that's gonna stand apart as well." - Carin Hunt

Take Away Message / Action

Make networking a priority for the next 90 days. I want you to look at your local or online associations that align with what your business and choose at least 1 event a month to attend. Then ensure that you know your goal/intention for doing this and don't make any excuses about why you can't go. Commit to this and see how it impacts your business because I guarantee that if you're willing to give this a true shot and you believe it will work, you'll find great connections.

Until next time give yourself permission to make networking fun and grace along the way. I'll talk to you soon.

About Carin:

Carin Hunt, CEO of Celebration Pros, leads a dynamic community of ambitious wedding professionals determined to break through their glass ceiling of doubts and achieve the success they so desire and deserve. With her innovative Champagne Logic approach, Carin collaborates with clients in both group and one-on-one settings, uncorking the potential in their businesses, refining structures, and toasting to valuable connections. Drawing on 15 years of experience in luxury hospitality and event management, she empowers creative entrepreneurs to build businesses worth celebrating through a hands-on learning style. Her insights can be found in publications such as Special Events, Catersource, Today, and Rising Tide Society. Passionate about promoting success, Carin engages in community leadership, podcast hosting, and public speaking, all while relishing the sunny island life with her family in the Florida Keys.

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Ep. 243: [Carin Hunt] 5 Word Magic Trick To Describe Your Business

"If you don't tell people about your business nobody's going to know it's there. You can sit behind your computer but nobody's truly going to understand who you are and what it is that you do until you actually get out there and tell people."

- Carin Hunt


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