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6 Steps to Plan Your Yoga Marketing Photoshoot

Let’s snap some photos today! Over the years (and lots of expermination) I think I’ve nailed down the perfect 6 steps to planning the best yoga marketing photoshoot!

I had a professional photographer take my photos for my website and that was a one-time deal. For the photos you see on my Instagram, those come from planned yoga marketing photoshoots every 2-3 months!

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My friend Jessica and I will go out together and take photos for each other. We both need content so it works out perfectly! I highly suggest pairing up with another yoga teacher (because they need content too) and do these photoshoots every few months!

Let’s dive in to step number one!

Step 1: Know What Photos You Need

Before you start clicking on that camera (or phone) you need to have a plan! Just like you plan your yoga classes, you need to plan your yoga photoshoot. While impromptu locations and poses will make great photo, planned out pictures will guarantee you don’t come home empty handed.

First, decide — what are these photos for? Are they for Instagram? Are they for your website? For example, you may know an image for your website is going to have a text layover. Which means you need to plan for a photo where your body is on one side of the frame to make room for the text.

For social media — do you need pictures of yourself in poses? Pictures of yourself using equipment? Maybe some “at home” photos of you making your favorite post-yoga shake?

Do you need stock images? There are so many websites with free stock images (down below) but sometimes you want to recreate or make your own!

Stock Image Sites:

Another way to create some inspiration for your photoshoot is to create a Pinterest board full of inspirational photos! Create your own board or create a group board with friends to share ideas.

Step 2: Plan Your Location

If you see my Instagram, I have a lot of white backgrounds. To continue the cohesiveness, I’ll probably need to find locations with white and simple walls!

While I love taking photos outside (hello, natural lighting) I find that the green grass or the bright color of a wall doesn’t really work for me.

You can choose one location or multiple but if you’re just starting this photoshoot endeavour: stick with one!

Step 3: Plan your Clothes/Props

Next up, clothes! Do you want to take your photos in one yoga outfit or change it up?

When I head out on my photoshoots, I bring a few changes of shirts & pants to change it up! This is totally up to preference, no one will care if you have the same yoga outfit on for 4 photos!

Sometimes I change my hair — wear it up or down. Just so things look a little different across my feed.

Plan your props, too! Do you want your mat? Any poses that involve blocks or bolsters? Bring them!

Step 4: Get Organized

If you do not plan, you will waste your time. You’ll waste your time and your friend’s time! The best way to be efficient in this is to plan.

Professional photographers have what they call a “shot list” and they do this so they get every photo they planned on. You should write out something similar! Every pose, every place — write it down!

Start small. Don’t expect to get 200+ photos on your first time at this. Go for 10-20 quality shots!

Step 5: Have fun!

Don’t forget to have fun! Be yourself — authenticity does the best. You’ve made the plan, you have your shots planned, you have your outfits — now enjoy it!

Take photos of you being yourself. I had my friend take photos of me talking, of me getting into poses (falling out of poses) and those showed my true personality.

You’ll get better with time. Being in front of the camera isn’t natural for a lot of us but the more fun you have, the better they’ll get!

Step 6: Publish Away!

Yay! You’ve reached the end and it’s time to show off your hard work.

For future reference, notice what images you use and don’t. That will help you decide which type of photos to take for your next photoshoot!

Nowadays, my photoshoots take 1-2 hours maximum because I know what works for me and what doesn’t!

Pro Tips:

  • Bring a friend who needs pics too so you can help one another! Teamwork makes the dream work.

  • Use your phone to capture the photo (not your friends). Dealing with photo exchange is a headache!

  • Use what you have, then plan for upgrades later.

  • Tell your friend to take pictures while you’re getting into position (the outtakes are the best!)

Your Next Best Step

Schedule some time with a friend for a yoga marketing photoshoot! Contact a friend today and get it on your calendar.

Go out there & have fun!

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