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How To Create an Accountability System for Your Business

Updated: Jan 20

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How do you hold yourself accountable in your business?

Whether it’s checking in on your yearly goals, 6 month or 3 month goals or even just checking off things on your daily to-do list — who holds you accountable? Or how do you hold your own self accountable?

Let’s face it — motivation and accountability can be really tough sometimes. We sit here, often by ourselves all day long! If I don’t sit here and create a blog — who cares?! Especially when you’re just starting out and you don’t have a huge audience online, why keep creating and working on these things?

Finding out ways to hold ourselves accountable or finding people to hold us accountable are crucial to having a successful yoga business! There’s one secret when it comes to accountability and that’s having a system.

Winging it means there’s no accountability and let’s be honest— you need a system in place.

Who can hold us accountable?


Holding ourselves accountable can be way more difficult than having someone else hold us accountable. But again, set up a system and you will succeed!

The first thing to do is to find out what motivates you — rewards or punishments.

If you are motivated by rewards, make that your accountability system. If you finish “x”, you will receive “x”. Maybe it’s a coffee run to Starbucks in the middle of your work day, a new pair of jeans you’ve been wanting to purchase — whatever you want to treat yourself to after completing a set of tasks, do it!

Likewise, if you’re more motivated by punishments — set up that system. For example, “If I don't finish these three tasks today, I can’t go out for drinks with my friends.”. Whatever it takes — reward or punishment. Set up the system and don’t cheat it!

I suggest using a project management system like Asana or Trello to keep your tasks in order! Plus, a flying unicorn comes across the screen sometimes after completing tasks in Asana and who doesn’t love that?

Accountability Buddies

An accountability buddy can be another friend who has their own business who also needs help staying on task! Set up your own system and hold each other accountable. Be honest with what you’re tasks are, the timeline you need to complete them in and what the reward/punishment is for doing (or not doing) those things!

Group Coaching Partners

I absolutely love group coaching. Nothing like multiple people, in your same shoes, holding you accountable for what’s happening in your business.

This is perfect because most likely the leader of the group has some tasks and systems already in place for accountability!

Business Coach

A business coach is the perfect type of person to hold you accountable. After all, they should know a lot about your and your business and the correct systems to put into place to make sure you’re staying on top of everything in your business!

Business Partner

Depends on the partnership as to if this is appropriate but business partners are excellent accountability buddies — because most likely they want to see you succeed!

Your Next Best Step

Create a system for accountability in your business. If you say you’re going to write a blog or send an email each week, what happens if you don’t get it done? If you need an accountability buddy, find one.

Until next time


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