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Your Yoga Teacher Business Mini-Staycation (On a Super Budget)

Today I’m dropping a truth bomb about how stepping away from your business will actually help you earn more money.

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It’s time to check-in with our business goals and to set up a mid-year check-in to see what has worked well, what hasn’t and to get an assessment of how things are going.

It’s really not possible to have an “outside perspective” of the runnings of your business if you’re sitting in the studio or your home office — you’re too in it! This is why a mini business stay-cation is just what the doctor ordered!

What is a business staycation?

Last December I talked about how I take a business staycation every 6 months with my biz bestie. We get away, we go to a hotel or AirBnB for a few nights where we are able to step back from our business and do some evaluating!

Sometimes life gets in the way — my personal life has been a little busier than normal so I haven’t had the chance to get away with my biz bestie this summer.

Although we won’t have the fun of getting too far away for this summer’s staycation, I thought about how I can still step away and create a strategy for the next 6 months — sans hotel getaway.

How can I still have a business staycation but on a smaller scale?

This year, I’m having a mini staycation! I’m going to take a few hours outside of my typical workspace and really get to thinking of what I need to shift and work on for the next 6 months.

If you’re like me this year and cannot get away for a few days, get to planning your own mini staycation!

What to do in your own mini business staycation

You’re ready to have your own mini staycation to clarify your goals — but what next? Here are some tips to make sure your staycation is productive and purposeful for your biz!

Identify what you really want to get out of the staycation - really focus it in on one decision or plan you want to focus on. What’s your goal? Do you need to get clear on something? Do you need to focus on writing the strategy for something? Plan ahead! What do you want to talk away with?

Outline the questions you want to explore during your time away BEFORE the staycation - don’t wait to get away for this!

Make a plan to get out of your typical day to day space for a few hours. Where can you go for a few hours to work on your business? Do you need to have your classes subbed, do you need to block some time on your schedule? Make sure you have what you need (supplies, snacks, music).

Remember when I talked about accountability?. Tell one person your staycation plan and what you plan to get answered in that time. Make a plan to meet up or call them within a few days afterwards.

Make it happen — no excuses!

Questions to create plan for mini-staycation

  1. What is the goal of this staycation? If I can walk away with ONE answer, what would that be?

  2. What do I need to explore, talk through, research, meditate on in order to get to this answer in the few hours I have in this mini-staycation?

  3. How much time do I need to get to this answer?

  4. Where would be a good place for me to have this mini-staycation?

  5. Who can be my accountability buddy for this exercise?

Your Next Best Step

Plan your mini-staycation to happen within this month. Identify what you want to answer/get clear on, what you need in order to get clear on it and who can hold you accountable.

Best of luck, enjoy the time to let your creativity fly!

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