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Embracing Collaboration & The Power Of Partnerships In Your Business

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Article Summary

There's enough out there for all of us. While there are times when it doesn't feel this way, it's important to remember that it's true and you are the unique, secret sauce to your business's success. To share this point even more, I've brought on two ladies who fully embraced collaboration over competition and eventually started a company together. Jackie Flake and Gabs Hayes share how they partnered to make more impact and how they've navigated the journey of entrepreneurship.


  • Collaboration can be more beneficial than competition in the business world.

  • Having a co-founder can help complement your strengths and weaknesses.

  • It's important to know your why and have a strong motivation for starting your own business.

  • Embracing change and experimentation is key to staying unstuck and finding success in entrepreneurship.

**This was also a podcast episode (episode #246). If you'd like to listen to this conversation, use the link below.

Ep. 245: [Andria Singletary] Maximizing Productivity During Busy Seasons


I love asking people how they stumbled into entrepreneurship because every story is unique. Both Jackie and Gabs agree with that stumbling feeling and shared about their experience about how they started their individual businesses before partnering.

"And after my second layoff in a row, I was just frankly fed up. I was over it and I decided I'm not gonna let anyone else take control of my career path anymore. And so that's when I decided to go out on my own." - Jackie Flake

"I started picking up different gigs from other people in my network or from Upwork was a was a huge lead source for me for a while. And I did that for about three years before I finally decided enough was enough, I was enough to bet on." - Gabs Hayes

Starting A Collaborative Business Partnership

When it comes to collaborating as a business owner, there can be a lot of hesitation with this, understandably so. However, there is a way to go about this that invites more success and that's to test the waters first. Start with a simple project and see how it goes before jumping into starting a business together.

"We didn't just do good work together, we also enjoyed it. And so it almost felt like a no-brainer to make it a more formal partnership and really build something that we were both incredibly passionate about together." - Gabs Hayes

"I think it's really important to call out that we did work together in various capacities before as Gabby said. And not only had we built a friendship based on meeting at work actually, but we got to see how each other works. We got to see what each other's strengths are so that when we did decide to go into business together, that was very intentional." - Jackie Flake

"I feel like we've been able to go a lot faster because I'm not doing it alone and areas that I'm weak in, she may be strong and vice versa. And so it almost feels like we've been able to grow on warp speed." - Gabs Hayes

Collaboration Can Help The Stuckness

An additional benefit of collaborating, whether it's a full business partnership or even just a project, is that you can help each other get unstuck. All entrepreneurs feel stuck along the way and when you have someone else who can help you get out of your own head, it makes a world of a difference.

"But also I think there is something about being a soulful entrepreneur who you do take the empathy and feelings of others, like that is a huge way of how we run our business. To have those feelings, but also the self-awareness to talk yourself out of it to make those decisions despite what you may be thinking in your head, I think is what we see is the difference between successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who get stuck." - Gabs Hayes

"I love that you just distinguished successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs that get stuck. Because it has nothing to do with failure. It's getting stuck." - Amanda McKinney

"There's definite times of stuckness. Gabs and I always talk about the why behind what we do, what gets us up in the morning every day. And the why can't be superficial. It can't be something that will not keep you going." - Jackie Flake

"There are definitely days where you look at yourself and you do get beat down a little bit or like frustrated with the lack of progress, but give yourself space, you know, soak up those emotions and then come back the next day or the next hour, however much time you need ready to get back into it. And I think that's the biggest difference."- Gabs Hayes

"Do what you love" neon sign

Understanding Your True Why Behind Your Business Is Key

You've likely heard "know your why" many times but if you've always brushed it off, please don't ignore it this time. I really appreciated how these ladies talked about how important this is and tied it to emotions more than finances. Of course the financial part is great but it's really the emotion that will keep you going on the hard days...because they will be there.

"If you don't make any money the first four months, seeing your way to a million dollars is going to feel like an impossible challenge in a way that you're just not going to be able to make it. And so I think a lot of times we have to really take a look at our whys from our own emotions. What is this our own transformation we want to see in our lives by stepping into entrepreneurship?" - Gabs Hayes

"Everything's an experiment. And the other thing is, I will personally say, is I just don't believe in failure. There's either a win or a lesson on the other side of it, but there isn't anything such as failure." - Gabs Hayes

Getting Your Brave Start In Business Collaborations

Jackie and Gabs' business is called "The Brave Start" and I just love all it stands for and encourages. You do have to be brave to start your own business and many of us forget that. Embracing this idea of bravery and collaborations will truly set you up for success in the long run of entrepreneurship.

"When we initially launched our business, we had a different name and we had a different offering. And I remember thinking, we're starting with this right now, but I have this really strong, intense feeling that we're gonna pivot at some point. I didn't know what that was gonna look like. I didn't know what that meant, but I just felt deeply in my gut that was going to happen." - Jackie Flake

"It really spoke to us because you have to be brave. To go out on your own, whether you're trying it on the side or you're committing to it full time. You have to be brave, you have to be bold. And it takes guts to do that. And so we thought the Brave Start is the perfect name for our new business venture." - Jackie Flake

Take Away Message / Action

Get your Brave Start with a partnership in your business. Remember, you don't have to form a new company right away, it can be reaching out on Instagram to someone you enjoy and would like to work with. Maybe you send an email to someone in your local area that has a similar audience and you share an idea you have to collaborate. Start small but start bravely so you can go further, faster in your business.

Until next time give yourself permission to collaborate and forget about competition and grace along the way. I'll talk to you soon.

About Jackie & Gabs:

Jackie Flake & Gabs Haynes went from corporate climbers to accidental entrepreneurs. They've fumbled, fallen, and finally found their footing on the path to fulfillment. They've experienced the self-doubt, the triumphs, and everything in between. Now, they're here to support you every step of the way as you unlock your entrepreneurial spirit, find your unique voice, and create a product coaching career that sets your soul on fire. They built The Brave Start to empower others to take the leap.


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