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Ep. 1: Why I started the Marketing Yoga With Confidence Podcast

Ep 1: Why I started the Marketing Yoga with Confidence Podcast

You can expect two things in each episode:

  • Inspiration

  • Next Step

This podcast is all about how to market your yoga offering, no matter what that is. It can be a yoga class, workshop, retreat, or yoga teacher training. You can apply the tactics that I share on this podcast to all the offerings.

Education of the WHY

I’ve found that if I can share the why behind a marketing tactic, that yoga teachers (and anyone really) will take the action. It’s like this in everyday life too. If we understand why we need to do something...especially when we don’t want makes it easier for us to take action. We know the bigger purpose.

So this is what I do in each an every episode. I will share the education on how to do something but I also explain the why.

Then I share your next step

Because if there’s anything I know, it’s that we will take action when we know what the heck to do. If I say “use Facebook to market your yoga workshop” that’s too broad. But if I told you “go live on Facebook once a week and post twice a week” then you know exactly what to do. So in each episode you will know what your next step is.

Who is Amanda?

Since you’re going to get a lot of me and my personality in this podcast, I wanted to share a little about me as well. Here’s the quick background:

  • I went to my first yoga class when I was in college and it was love at first feel

  • I continued practicing all the way through earning my Master’s Degree from the University of Florida (Go Gators!)

  • I then moved to Oklahoma and worked for several corporations where I learned lots about marketing and managing a team that now lends itself well to me running my own company.

  • After deciding to strike out on my own I fell back in love with yoga and surrounded myself with awesome yoga teachers.

  • Then one day it all changed when one said

“Amanda I never knew I was a business owner until you told me I was one”

  • From that moment on I knew I wanted to work with yoga teachers.

  • So I went to yoga teacher training to learn about you so I could serve you better. My dream student!

Whether you consider yourself a business owner or entrepreneur today, I want you to start thinking like one. As a marketing coach for yoga teachers I want to empower yoga teachers to think like business owners so you can earn more money.

What I believe:

Making Money is a Great Thing!

I believe making money is a great thing! I want yoga teachers to make all the money because they are the ones that will give back to the community and serve students in a wonderful way. You are impacting lives by sharing yoga and the only way to impact more lives is to grow your business. By making more money you will actually have the freedom and flexibility to GIVE (which is what I know you want to do!).

Marketing yoga is a positive thing!

I believe that marketing is simply sharing what you know and spreading knowledge to your students. I say it often that “you would be doing your students a disservice if you didn’t share this information with them” and I believe it. If I hadn’t gone to my first public class in college I would have missed out on so much but someone had to invite me to that class! If I didn’t have a private yoga teacher now I would be missing out on so much but she had to ask me if I wanted a private session.

We often think that everyone will just know what we do and what we offer as yoga teachers but they don’t. We live in a busy world and we receive so many messages each day that we can’t retain it all. So marketing is necessary but it’s not bad. Don’t think that because you market yourself as a yoga teacher, you will be not living in accordance with yoga. There are positive ways to market yourself.

Take Small Simple Steps with Marketing to Make Big Progress!

I believe that there are so many ways to market your yoga offerings but it’s critical to take things one step at a time. Focus on one thing you want to do right now, then move on to another thing once you get the hang of the first one. In this podcast I will share information on many topics but I only want you to focus on one at a time. Fit marketing into your schedule and you will do it more effectively.

Next Step:

If you enjoyed my voice and the way I teach, please hit the subscribe button.

And if you didn’t, I would love for you to find a business or marketing coach that you do resonate with.

Continue to learn about running your yoga business.

I want you to grow your yoga business and impact more people in this world.

Until next time, give yourself permission to market your yoga and grace along the way!

Talk to you soon!


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