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Ep. 2: How to Fill Your Yoga Class With Your Dream Students

Ep 2: How to Fill Your Yoga Class With Your Dream Students

Niching down has the biggest impact on your business but I also know it’s met with lots of resistance.

**Note: If you just graduated from yoga teacher training, then I want you to say yes to everything for a while. This is actually how you will figure out where you true passion lies. You will find the styles you prefer and the students who you can’t get enough of. So give yourself some time if you’re at the beginning of your teaching career.

Niching Down

This is one of my favorite topics! Discovering and declaring who your dream student is is powerful so I love to talk about it.

Let’s take an imaginary journey into your yoga class that’s filled with your dream students who can’t help but invite their friends because they love your class!

This can happen.

But it often doesn’t because there is discomfort in the idea of niching down as a yoga teacher. And this comes from a really sweet place of not wanting to exclude anyone.

“Yoga is for everyone. But the reality is, if you try to speak to everyone, you will speak to no one.”

Marketing Get’s Easier When You Niche Down

If you’re ready to take this step, I have a free guide for you! It walks you step by step through this process. Simply put your name and email in the form below and it will show up in your email within seconds.

Once you’ve narrowed your focus, the sky’s the limit! You will start to transition the classes aren’t serving your niche. And remember, that when you let go of a class it allows a new yoga teacher to take on that opportunity. What a gift that is! You’re making space for new yoga teachers to discover what their niche is and that’s a beautiful thing.

Niching Down is a Process

Be patient with this as it’s truly a process. This will take time to discover where your passion really is and who you want to serve. It will (and likely has) take time to be more comfortable with the idea of niching down and narrowing your focus for classes and offerings. And it will take time to transition into only teaching your niche. If you’re teaching at several studios and all different types of classes, try to let go of one class at a time. Find a great new teacher to take it over and hand it off. Replace that income with something else that fits better with your niche. It takes time but it’s worth it.

What Does Your Ideal Week Look Like?

When it comes to niching down, most people miss this step too but it’s super important. I want you to think about and journal about what your ideal week would you look like. Do you want to teach at studios, do you want private clients, do you want specific days off, do you want to work mainly during a certain time of day? What I want you to remember here is that you are a business owner which means you can be in control of your schedule. Maybe it doesn’t feel like it now but this will never be true if you don’t know what you want. So get clear. Dream big! Then work towards that. There is power in writing and speaking words into this world. So I want you to know this answer just as much as I want you to know your niche!

Next Step:

Download the free guide and answer the questions to figure out your niche! Commit to telling people who you specifically want to work with for the next 6 months.

Until next time, give yourself permission to get specific and grace along the way!

Talk to you soon!


How well do you know your dream student?

Get my free guide on niching down to learn more about your dream student so you can have her/him filling your classes or workshops or online offerings!

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