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Ep 13: Behind the Scenes: Membership Launch Recap (And I didn’t hit my goal)

Ep 13: Behind the Scenes: Membership Launch Recap (And I didn’t hit my goal)

I’m going to be diving into all the details of my launch, numbers and more importantly, the feelings that are associated with this but spoiler alert….I didn’t hit my goal. There it is, I said it and now it’s time to dig in.

Key Takeaways:

(01:10) Spoiler alert: I didn't hit my goals.

(04:54) I welcomed 40 new members into my membership!

(06:40) The statistics of members leaving & what my current rate is - to make sense of my current membership count.

(11:12) My "other numbers" that I need to consider when it comes to my goals.

(12:32) The "pep talk" my husband gave me when I was bummed about not hitting my numbers.

(15:00) How listening to my dream student gave me the idea to create this membership.

(17:04) What I'm making myself remember about my business: over the course of 8 months, I've launched TWO things: this podcast & my membership.

(20:41) Am I sad about not hitting my goals?

"If you don't reach your goal and you feel disappointed - that means you're driven. That means you care."

(22:17) The biggest lesson I learned: to figure out how to NOT have to make decisions in the house during the launch period (i.e. Family stuff, meal planning)

(28:24) The stresses of the launch - how did my body react?

(29:15) My initial marketing plan, day by day and what changed throughout my launch.

"That's the thing about's always learning, growing, adjusting and figuring things out along the way."

(30:15) The breakdown of email marketing during a launch - yes people will unsubscribe from you.

(34:52) What I like to after a heavy marketing period - "Stop, Start, Continue. What do I want to start doing, stop doing and continue doing?

(35:35) I'll continue to have a plan before every launch and track everything. I'll continue to write my social media posts and emails ahead of time, and listen to my members and audience.

(39:57) What I will start doing: having some household decisions made for me & start list building right NOW by learning SEO and Facebook/Instagram ads. I will also make self-care non-negotiable.

(43:04) What I will stop doing: talking negatively to myself and ask for help if I need it.



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