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Ep. 27: 90-Day Marketing Plan [Training Replay]

Marketing your yoga business is an ongoing process but it doesn’t have to be stressful. By planning 90 days at a time, you can plan ahead to help your sanity but also have flexibility in your content too.

Why planning content in advance is a good idea?

I hear this often “Amanda, I sit at my computer or my phone and have no idea what to write for one social post, let alone 90 days!” but trust me, it’s actually easier to plan ahead than it is to plan one post at a time.

It’s easier because of a few reasons and the main reason is because when we do one action over and over again in the same time period, it gets easier. Think about it like muscle-memory. If you practice the same flow every day, your body will memorize those actions and they will become easier for you. This happens with other actions too guessed it….it goes for writing.

So if you sit down to write one social media post it’s actually easier to sit down for an hour and write 5 or 10 social media posts.

The other reason that it works so well to plan your content ahead of time in 90 day chunks is because it keeps you consistent. Not only consistent in the act of sharing information with your audience but also consistent across all marketing channels you use.

Let me break this down for you visually because if you’re like me, then that really helps everything.

I hosted a training on this topic and this episode is a sneak peak at this training. To watch the full replay AND get the PDF workbook for this training, click the image below:

It all starts with ONE piece of content

As you can see, what you will do is create just ONE piece of content that will inform the rest. This is when things get so much easier, I promise.

Your ONE Main Piece of Content

When it comes to choosing a main piece of content, there are really 3 options:

  • Text (blogs/articles)

  • Audio (podcast/meditation)

  • Video (YouTube channel)

And my question to you is “which of these is most comfortable for you?” and “which will serve your audience the best?”.

For example, maybe you know that video will be the best for your audience because they can see you move throughout the flow and see your visual cues as well as verbal. BUT you’re not super comfortable with video yet. *Note: I said YET in that sentence*. My suggestion for you is to start with a text blog on your website but use photos to further show the body position. But then it’s time to start exploring video so that you can get more comfortable and serve your audience even better.

The key is to find your comfort level today and start there. You will likely have to push yourself even inside your comfort zone a little bit but that’s good! We grow when we push ourselves out a little like that.

Start where you are, then learn and adjust from there.

So now you’ve decided on your ONE main piece of content, right? If not, stop reading now and decide. Remember, this isn’t set in stone forever, just pick something and start. You can change it up later. Declare it by writing it in the PDF workbook:

Frequency of that ONE piece of content

It’s true that weekly content is the best plan of action for sharing information with your students. You will hear this from many people, including me, but I have a caveat for my mention.

Yes, I want you to eventually get to weekly content but in order for you to get there, I know you have to start smaller. I did the same thing!

We have to create a system that works for us and gain confidence in creating content. It’s just like teaching yoga classes, it takes practice to feel like you’ve got this!

So I want you to start monthly. Or if you’re feeling really brave, every other week. And I want you to commit to doing this for 6 months.

The reason I say 6 months is because (1) you need to commit to a time-frame, (2) you have to establish a system and process for yourself and that takes time, and (3) that’s about the amount of time you will be talking to yourself and a handful of people.

That’s right - it’s going to take time for your students to find your blog or podcast or video channel. You likely won’t promote it as much at the beginning of this process either. And you will be learning through this time too. So I want you to commit and show up for the next 6 months with ONE piece of content per month.

That’s only 6 blog articles, friend! You can do this!

And in the PDF workbook for this training there is a section where you brainstorm ideas (based on prompts!) and actually come up with topics for this!!

Sharing your ONE piece of content

Did you catch that I said you likely won’t promote your content when you first start this process? Well, it’s true but it won’t be because you don’t have a plan! I know you will be nervous to share your blog or podcast or video but trust me on this, it will be worse for you if you create this content and never share it. That feeling will be worse!

So now it’s time to share this content with your audience and I’ve got you covered with the visual that you saw earlier. It’s super simple!

You are going to share your one piece of content on at least ONE social media platform (yes, you only need to have one) and your email list. Yes, your email list!

If you haven’t heard me on this soapbox yet I will spare you somewhat but it’s critical to your business that you have an email list. Period. Just think about if Facebook and Instagram went away tomorrow….how would you tell your students where you are teaching next week? Or what if you needed to cancel class?


Email is the answer to that issue. You need to be building an email list my friend. And now that you’ve committed to creating content each month, you now have something to put in that email. See how awesome that is?!

Here’s what you will do each and every month:

  • Share about your content in your monthly email to your list. You will link to your blog, podcast or video.

  • Share about your content at least 2 times a week on your social media platform.

  • Share about your content at least 1 time in a live video

Why live video is important to share your content

The other component that I highly encourage when it comes to sharing your main piece of content is live video. And before you skip over this part I want to tell you why.

Because it’s easier than pre-recorded and edited video. Yes, easier! I know you might be scared - so scared - to do this but trust me when I say that you won’t come across as nervous as you seem and you will actually be more like you with live video. This is because you can’t overthink things too much. It is what it is once you hit the go button. So it’s easier in that sense. Plus there is NO editing!!!!! And if you’re just starting out with video, this is key! Editing takes time to do and to learn how to do. So take that step out of this equation. Go live.

If you will promise me to go live once a week, I can promise you that you will see results AND you will gain confidence in creating video. It’s a double-win here!

And the best news is that I have a Live Video Script Template for you!! It’s included in the PDF workbook for this training so if you don’t have it yet, click the image below:

Put Dates to Everything!!

In order for something to actually happen (like publishing new content each month) we have to know when it’s happening. This is CRITICAL! If you don’t know when things will happen, guess what? They won’t happen!

I’ve got a super simple template for you where all you do is write in the date when you will take these actions and then all you have to do is the work. You will have planned out 90 days of content AND when you will be promoting the content! And it’s only 1 page.

If you’ve ever thought “yoga should be accessible to everyone” then this is your chance to make that happen! This is the free content you can provide to anyone with an internet connection. This is your chance to share the benefits of yoga for FREE! So instead of thinking about this as another thing you “have to do” think about it like something you GET to do!!!

Your next steps

Access the full video training to let this really sink in! This is a big lesson so it takes time.

From there it’s time to show up and do the work. It’s time to commit to yourself and share information with your audience. This is the information that’s going to impact your student’s lives in between classes or private sessions with you. This is the information that’s going to change their lives and your business!!

Remember that this is a process and it will take time to feel like you’ve found your grove. Give yourself grace but don’t you dare let yourself off the hook!

Until next time, give yourself permission to plan ahead and grace along the way. Talk to you soon!


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