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Ep. 34: Online Yoga Changed Her Life and Inspired Her Business with Meghan Pherrill

“It means so much that people now reach out to me and say they started their yoga journey because of me. Because I was very much that person. When I was practicing yoga with YouTube, I wished the teachers knew how life changing they’d been for me.” - Meghan

All yoga teachers I work with are looking to grow their impact and chances are, you are too. That’s likely why you wanted to become a yoga teacher. Yoga helped you in some way and you wanted to help others see and experience the benefits of yoga too.

This is where online yoga can really come in! Have you ever thought of starting a YouTube channel because that’s how you could serve the student that can’t afford to go to your studio class or have a private session with you?

You can! This is what Meghan did and her story is powerful! Meghan was impacted by yoga in a major way as it helped her navigate asthma and depression. All of this from YouTube. So now Meghan offers free and low-priced online offerings to help others like she was helped.

Yoga and Mental Health

Meghan has struggled with both physical and mental ailments in her life but they brought her to yoga. From asthma to depression, Meghan shares how these affected her life and then how yoga helped her overcome them.

As a yoga teacher, you know how much yoga can help someone just like Meghan but to hear her story is truly touching. As I was listening I thought:

“This is why I have created this job for myself. I want anyone who is dealing with these things to have a yoga teacher to help them. This is why I believe in marketing your yoga offerings. So that you can help people just like Meghan.” - Amanda

Please know this. As you’re reading this, you are changing lives with your yoga teaching. And if you don’t share your message with others, there might be someone who misses out on learning about yoga.

While yoga isn’t the “cure” to physical or emotional ailments, it can certainly help many people. I would never suggest that you claim that yoga can heal anyone but even research has shown that yoga is beneficial for many different medical conditions, whether it’s physical or emotional. Don’t shy away from sharing research with others on this topic if you’re nervous about making any medical claims. Here are some resources for you:

Navigating The Journey of Teaching Yoga

Meghan was set up with realistic expectations from her yoga teacher training! She graduated knowing that it was going to be tough if she wanted to make teaching yoga her full time career but that it was possible. With these realistic expectations she set out and said yes to as many teaching opportunities as she could. And this eventually led her to teaching things that she wouldn’t have chosen on her own.

For example, Meghan really enjoys teaching prenatal yoga classes yet she has never been pregnant. For some this could be surprising, and it was to Meghan too, but after she experienced a class and saw the benefits to the mamas, she was hooked. So she learned more and became certified in prenatal yoga. What a beautiful thing too! I can just imagine how much care and love that Meghan gives to her students during the time of those classes.

But the thing to note is that she said yes to an opportunity and then found that she loved something. If she had said no to that, she might not have ever realized her passion to teach prenatal yoga.

Another twist to her journey as a teacher was when she hosted a workshop. Once she realized that she could have more time with a group of students, go more in-depth with them and make more money doing so, she was excited and wanted more. So Meghan began offering more workshops. Which has now led to international retreats for yoga teachers!

Meghan has followed her passion and learned from each experience that she has had during her yoga teacher journey. And her journey will continue and she will continue to learn and grow her business each step of the way.

Leaving Your Full-Time Job to Teach Yoga

When Meghan was ready to teach yoga full time, she did quit her full-time corporate job but it wasn’t without a plan. Meghan and her husband had built up a runway (money saved up to cover expenses) so that with a dip in income after leaving her corporate job, they would still be okay.

“It’s important to have a plan when it comes to leaving your full time job to teach yoga full time. You need to know how much money you need to bring home to pay your bills. Once you know this, you can start saving and build your runway in preparation of earning less money for a little while.” - Amanda

Things to identify as you plan to quit your full-time job:

  • How much money do you need to cover your bills each month?

  • How much can you save each month to build your runway?

  • How much time do you need to save in order to cover your bills for 6 months?

From there, you can make a plan and actually make it happen. And along the way of saving to build your runway, you can continue teaching and identifying what your niche is so that when you’re ready to go full-time, you can go all-in!

“You need to know what you need to survive. What is non negotiable, what has to happen for me to make my set money for the month” - Meghan

Online Yoga

Meghan was helped and her health was saved because of a yoga teacher who put yoga online for her. Because of this, it has guided some of Meghan’s yoga offerings too and this is definitely true for her online offerings.

Meghan has combined her love of travel and working from home with her experience of how online yoga changed her life and now has online courses and a YouTube channel.

“If you’re serious about changing your life and starting this journey, it’s $24. It’s less than a dollar a day. So if you resonate with me, here’s a course to get you started before you work with me one one one which is much more expensive.” - Meghan

When Meghan was creating her online course, which is a 30 day yoga challenge for $24, she asked herself 2 questions that helped shape the course:

  • What was I missing when I started with yoga online?

  • How can I help someone that is searching for yoga online and dealing with similar things that I was?

Starting with these questions is a great way to start thinking about any yoga offering.

YouTube Yoga

Meghan’s yoga journey is a beautiful story and I love the fact that when she was ready to try yoga, she did a search on YouTube and got started. This is so powerful and something that you can use as a springboard to starting your YouTube channel if you want one.

What if that yoga teacher who Meghan used to learn how to do a chaturanga never posted?

What if she didn’t keep going with all those videos and conquer her asthma?

Meghan’s story would be so different!

“I’m a big fan of YouTube. I appreciate that not everybody has the finances to be able to get a membership and go into the studio. I appreciate that people work different hours of the day and maybe a studio doesn’t accommodate their needs.” - Meghan

By starting her YouTube channel, Meghan has been able to provide free yoga to thousands of students around the world. And this is the point I want to make sure we focus on, if you want to serve your students who can’t afford a private session with you, this is one way you can do it. If you’re nervous about video, learn about the technology and get started. Don’t let that stop you because there are students waiting for you right now.

“To know that you’re making a difference in somebody’s life, it means so much. And that you can do it from anywhere in the world and give people a chance who can’t afford it otherwise, is incredible.” - Meghan

Deciding What to Focus on As a Yoga Teacher

Like most yoga teachers, Meghan had (and still has) many ideas but in order to grow the business that she dreamed of, it took more focus and discipline. For Meghan this looked like taking things one step at a time to identify what she really found joy in. Just like how she realized her passions for teaching, she used the same method for identifying what yoga offerings she wanted to have and what marketing techniques worked for her.

“I’m a big advocate of doing the things you really like. For me, it was podcasting and YouTube. Ask yourself ‘what is doing really well right now and what do I enjoy’, focus on that and then implement the next thing.” - Meghan

Yes, there will be days when you don’t feel like doing all the things that you need to in business but remember that it’s worth it.

Remember that if you don’t show up and market your yoga, then potential students aren’t invited to your class.

If you don’t post that video on YouTube, someone isn’t helped through your beautiful words.

I know it can feel like this is a big statement, but if you don’t share the yoga that lights you up, someone in this world will suffer.

So ask yourself what feels good right now. How can you show up to market your yoga offerings and then commit to doing it!

Your next step

Write down your Why Statement. Why did you want to become a teacher and start your own yoga business. This statement is just for you and you don’t need to share it with anyone. It needs to be real and honest. When you dig really deep, what is the thing that will keep you going when you want to give up?

Until next time give yourself permission to take your yoga online and grace along the way. Talk to you soon!

About Meghan Pherrill

Meghan Pherrill is an international yoga and meditation teacher, podcast host of Balance Your Life, wellness and business coach, and international retreat host. Meghan has had the opportunity to teach and live abroad in Aruba and Costa Rica and currently lives in her hometown of Canada with her husband.

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