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Ep. 44: Free Challenge to Paid Program (On-Air Coaching Call with Mikah Horn)

Updated: Jan 20

“I’m running a five-day challenge right now and have a really engaged group so far. I would love to use all this engagement and momentum to maybe create an offer for these people but I don’t know what to do next. Where do I go from here.” - Mikah Horn

This is the question that started the coaching call with Mikah and led to her creating an offering that would bring in revenue for her business!!

Spoiler alert = she did create a paid offering for her challengers and blew her goals out of the water!!! I’m so proud of all the work she did after this 1-hour coaching call. (You can book one of these with me by clicking here)

Starting With A Free Challenge or Offering

Mikah offered a 5 day challenge about creating an at-home practice for beginners. This was based on her niche. But your niche is where you want to start: Who is the ideal person you want to work with? Once you know this, you would want to create something simple and free for them that’s an easy YES for them to sign up for.

If you’re stuck on what this could be, ask students in your audience that are your dream student.

Decide on just one thing that you can offer your audience for free. This is based on the idea that you will serve a large number of students with this so think big instead of individual calls, etc. This is something that you create once and it can serve many different people.

Marketing Your Free Offering

There are many ways you can market your free offering and it all comes down to your audience. Where will you get their attention? Identify just a few places to focus on and go all-in on those channels. Talk about your free challenge every day leading up to the challenge AND even after the challenge has started. Remember, people can join after it’s started, you just have to set them up for success.

And if you’re free offering isn’t a challenge, you can take this same method with marketing. Find where your audience is already spending time and make sure that you market your freebie no less than once a week for as long as it’s able to be accessed.

How Mikah marketed her challenge:

  • Sharing on FB - business page

  • Posted in FB groups - after asking for permission of course

  • Sending emails to your list

  • Facebook Ads - Mikah spent $40 and ended up with 45 people who joined based on that ad

“What I noticed is that promoting this challenge has led to an increase in all my social platforms. My YouTube is getting more subscribers, my instagram is getting more followers, my Facebook page is growing. That wasn’t the goal but it’s been a pleasant side effect.” - Mikah Horn

What To Offer As The Paid Offering?

When you host a free challenge or have any type of freebie, you’re likely going to get more than just your dream student who’s opting in. Specifically, you’re going to get your niche but they might not be the person who will pay for your paid offering. So it’s critical that you really know who your niche is so you can tailor an offer for them!

“The challenge is for everyone and that’s totally fine. But when you go from free to paid, you really want to focus on your niche because otherwise you’d be growing a business that you’re not trying to focus on.” - Amanda McKinney

What is the next step that your dream student could take and feel like they are making progress?

In Mikah’s example she wanted to focus on a journey to creating a habit so a 20+ day journey was what she landed on. This was the next step for her audience.

How to Price Your Offering

Pricing is likely the toughest decision you have to make but it’s not the thing that matters the most. The topic and content that you offer your audience is actually the most important component. However, this idea of pricing the offering is likely where you will feel the most conflicted.

“When it comes to pricing, it is all over the place but what you want to start with is: what are you offering them. And what is your hourly rate.” - Amanda McKinney

Look at what you’re offering to your students and price it based on the value. Remember, you can have an offering at ANY price point that you want. But what you have to do is adjust the offering to fit the value of that price point that’s best for your audience’s budget.

Figure Out The Tech For The Paid Offering

What do you need from a tech perspective for your paid offering? Especially the first time you offer this, the key is keeping this simple and streamlined. You will likely be tempted to include more but remember that most people actually need less in order to take action.

Once you know what type of content you will be providing to your students in this paid offering, think about how you will deliver it to them. Does it make sense to keep it simple and put the files in emails to your students? Or what about uploading unlisted videos to YouTube so all you have to do is email your students the links? Or are you ready to use a platform to host all your files (ex: Teachable, Thinkific, MemberVault, etc.)?

Depending on what you want to provide, your comfort level of these technology pieces and your time, you can decide what tech to use.

But please, keep it simple for you and the student! Less is often more.

Marketing The Paid Offering

When it comes to marketing your paid offering, you will take a similar approach to your ongoing marketing. It needs to fall in line with how you market your business overall.

The best way to do this is to share the story of why you’re creating this for your students. They will love to hear or see the behind the scenes to know the why behind this particular offering.

And just like the tech, you want to keep this simple and streamlined as well. Choose your main marketing channels based on where your students are already spending time and talk to them there.

Testimonials are the best way to market a paid offering. Even if this is your first time offering this specific thing, you can use testimonials based on you as a teacher. You don’t have to have someone saying something about this offering exactly. That’s a nice to have and you want it the next time you offer it but as you’re starting out, use what you have. Then as soon as you have your first purchase - ask them what they are most excited about. This will tell you why they said yes and you can use this information in your marketing too.

Mikah's Final Numbers!!!

  • Free Challenge - 135 people

  • Good Goal - 8 paid students

  • Better Goal - 10 paid students

  • Best Goal - 12 paid students

  • TOTAL paid students - 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your next step

Make a plan for how you can take something that has brought you new people to your audience for free into a paid offering. Talk it through with a friend or book a coaching call where we can get clear on the details.

Until next time give yourself permission to get paid and grace along the way. Talk to you soon!

About Mikah Horn

Mikah is a certified yoga teacher specializing in yoga for beginners and gentle yoga for older adults. Her mission is to take the intimidation out of yoga and help support her students as they explore their yoga practice.  

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