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Ep 5: Writing social media bios that actually capture attention

Ep 5: Writing yoga bios that actually capture attention on social media

I don’t know about you but when I only have 150 characters to get a point across I sweat a little. Words are hard and you would think that the less you have to come up with the easier it would be but it’s so the opposite for me. In this episode I’m sharing my tips on crafting your social media bios.

All Social Media Bios:

  • (01:21) Short and sweet - you have 7 seconds or less

  • (02:50) You have a long story but what’s really relevant to say in a short space?

  • (03:16) Write to your dream student - what would they need to know

  • (04:27)What emotion do you want the person to feel as they read your copy (this helps create your brand tone)

  • Write it for ONE person - how would you introduce yourself to someone new

  • (05:16) What do you do?

  • (05:44)Who do you serve?

  • (06:35) What do you want to be known for?

"The most important thing is to just have fun and let that personality come through!"

Instagram Details

  • (08:12) Small area just under your name to share a few details and have someone decide if they want to keep looking and follow you

  • (08:33)150 characters - you have to get creative

  • (08:40) You want to describe yourself in very few words and characters

  • (08:43) List your interests

  • (09:00) You can use emojis (if it feels natural)

  • (09:42) You can use symbols too - is a free resource you can copy and paste from

  • (10:05) Add hashtags to your bio

  • (10:48) You can change up the font that’s used by using if you want to get fancy.

  • (11:17) List your contact info (email address or DM mention)

  • (11:36) Add a call to action

  • (12:01) You can only have one link shown - so use your website or to have more. If you have a freebie, you want to make sure this is included.

  • (12:53) Line breaks - you can’t do this in Instagram, you have to use another tool. The easiest is a notepad tool on your phone. Type it how you want it with the breaks (no space after the last character, just enter) then copy and paste into Instagram. There are apps you can use for this too but keep it easy on yourself.

Facebook About Section: Business Info, Contact Info & Story

  • (14:30) You need to have this included, so many people miss this one

  • (14:42)To my knowledge there isn’t a character limit to the Story section but let’s be real - no one wants you to go on and on so keep it short

  • (15:20) A little about you but more about what makes you different. Why you? What do you want to be known for?

  • (15:38) You can have links in this section which is GREAT for your freebie

  • (15:58) Do not under any circumstances forget to include a contact method - this is what you want them to do, contact you to book a private session, or come to your class, or buy your online course

YouTube Channel Description

  • (17:00) If your channel isn’t your name, what’s your name?

  • (17:24) What can people expect from your videos - what’s in it for them?

  • (17:49) When do you upload new content - don’t make them guess, just tell them

  • (18:20) Keywords matter in this platform, not hashtags

"This is a process - remember that! Just start where you are right now."


  • (19:15) 160 characters

  • (19:26) Highly visual platform so you really have to be short and sweet here

  • (19:48) Focus on keywords, not hashtags on this platform but don’t sound like a robot

  • (19:53) Why should someone follow you or re-pin your stuff?



How well do you know your dream student?

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