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Ep 6: Writing a bio for yoga studios that will attract your dream students

Ep 6: Writing a bio for yoga studios that will attract your dream students

A yoga studio bio is needed and it can often be stressful to come up with the words. Because let’s face it - it’s hard to come up with words about ourselves! In this episode I’ll be focusing on yoga studio website bios but you can apply this practice to any bio you need to write.

Key Takeaways:

(01:56) Write your bio based on the current yoga studio's bios

(02:31) Write one "master" bio and edit per yoga studio standards

(03:00) Step one to writing a yoga bio: write it in first person

(03:20) When writing your bio, answer these questions in a conversational tone (when you have a niche).

(04:02) What questions to answer in your bio if you haven't niched yet.

(05:00) The frame of mind to have when writing your bio.

(05:45) Don't describe the class, describe you as teacher. (Ask your current students for words that describe you!)

"Yoga teachers are popping up everywhere! It's wonderful because we can serve so many people as yoga teachers but we have to differentiate ourselves."

(06:30) Brand new and about to start your first job? Teach a group of friends to see what words they use to describe your style.

(07:26) Step two: take that bio and write it in the third person.

(08:00) Step three: adjust your bio based on the studio your applying for. Research!

(08:46) Step four: keep a saved list of all of your bios! Update as you change and evolve.

(10:29) Your next best step: write that bio!



How well do you know your dream student?

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