Ep. 61: Make More Money By Selling Your Way with Steph Crowder

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

“Once I figured out what selling really is, it wasn’t the pitching and the begging and the pleading that I thought it was. When I really learned about consultative selling and understanding your customer, it became almost effortless.” - Steph Crowder

If you struggle with the idea of “selling” this is going to help you in big ways! Steph Crowder has personally coached me on this topic and I’m pumped that she’s on the podcast this week to share this message with you too.

She has a way of shifting the concept of selling and convincing to the idea of helping others achieve the goal they’re looking to achieve. One way that I do this is with an affirmation that’s written on a post-it that I see every day:

“I’m offering help that the right people will love to have” and this couldn’t be more true. I’m not out to steal your money or sell you something that’s not going to be helpful. No way. Anything I teach has helped me and/or yoga teachers grow their business. I receive messages like this on a daily basis:

“Amanda, I used your prompt and got this comment. They are such good prompts.” (the comment was this: “I’ve never actually tried yoga before but after reading your post I’m thinking I might try it. Sounds so relaxing”

And this…

“I increased my monthly price AND signed up a new client for a 3-month program with the new pricing!”

I want these comments to come from you next but that will only happen if I keep going, tap into my gifts and teach you through paid programs like my coaching and digital course. If I don’t earn money I will have to have another job and that would take me away from continuing to teach you. You see how that works? It’s the same for you.

You have students who are waiting for your paid programs too!

“Yoga teachers are begging for information on how to make more money in business that’s selling and that’s why you’re here. You taught me to sell in a way that doesn’t feel awful.” - Amanda McKinney

The Truth About Selling

“Typically when we think about selling, we think about convincing. But shift that to ‘how can I consult with someone’ instead of forcing a sale. How can I find a fit?” - Steph Crowder

Most of us have some “money stuff” that comes into play when it comes to selling services like your yoga class. No matter what it is, it’s important to remember that we aren’t actually scared of selling something, we’re nervous for people to say ‘no’ or we’re worried that it will make someone else feel uncomfortable.

“What if no one shows up? What if I look silly? It’s like walking into a party where there’s like 3 people. I know you want a bumpin’ party but you have to start somewhere.” Steph Crowder

If we step back and realize, it’s okay if someone says ‘no’ or ‘not right now’ or….get ready for it….’YES’. All of these options are great but you have to put something out there in order to have someone say yes. And often this takes courage to step out of your comfort zone and if you’re like me, it takes pushing through the discomfort of having no one responding to your efforts for a while.

“You have to be willing to put in the work when no one is watching.” - Steph Crowder

Many of my students ask me ‘Amanda, how did you get to where you are today?’ and my answer is always the same -

“I showed up when no one was listening and continued to show up because I knew I could help you. You are the reason I’m here today. I always had you in mind when I was talking to no one and now you’re here.” - Amanda McKinney

Tap Into What’s Unique About You

“Yoga teachers are begging for information on how to make more money in business that’s selling and that’s why you’re here. You taught me to sell in a way that doesn’t feel awful.” - Amanda McKinney

Steph has a way of teaching about selling that feels easier. There’s no tricks here, it’s getting to know your dream student and then offering them what they want.

No tricks.

No surprises.

No ickiness.

Just learning and listening.

“I love helping people crack the code on who is my customer? What makes me stand out?” - Steph Crowder

This is the first step to sell with ease and it’s a tough one. Tapping into what’s unique about you and what you can offer to your students. The reason this is so tough is because we’re close to ourselves so it’s tough to see. In this podcast episode you hear Steph talk about how see saw tremendous success in teaching selling in her corporate job but when she became an entrepreneur she ignored this for a while. You will also hear me talk about how I’ve heard my entire life “Amanda, you’re a natural encourager” but I ignored that for too long.

It’s hard to know what makes you different but here are 2 questions that can help:

  1. What do people say you “make it look so easy”?

  2. Why do your students say they keep coming back to class?

I would bet that you have heard something over and over again but you don’t even register that it’s “the thing” that makes you different. But listen to your students and hear what they say makes you different. And if you aren’t sure, ask them. They would love to tell you!