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Ep. 64: Create a Quiz to Grow Your Email List with Interact

“People want to be heard and asking questions about a person allows them to feel heard” - Josh Hayman, Interact

Raise your hand if you’ve taken a personality quiz before.

Oh come on, you know you have!

Even if you won’t admit it to others, you know you’ve done this.

And there’s a reason quizzes work so well and it’s because people like to know more about themselves. We like to learn more about our personality, what makes us tick, how we can be healthier. Whatever it is, we want to know information that’s more specific to “me”. It’s just how we’re wired as human beings.

And in this podcast episode I’m talking with one of the founders of a quiz software called Interact. It’s an amazing tool that I use and you’ve probably taken one of my quizzes too. It’s super easy to use and makes marketing fun, which you know I love.

**You can sign up for a free account with Interact HERE.**

Business can be tough but it’s worth it

Before Josh and I started talking about all things quizzes, we talked about his journey as an entrepreneur and I know you will appreciate what he shares. He tells us how creating the software and getting it to where it is today was a tough road but he knew it was something worth pursuing.

“It was a rough four years but I think the thing that made us hold on was when people did use it and use it successfully, it really transformed their businesses. We’ve had people make quizzes and then because of the growth, they got a book deal or their company gets acquired or they triple the size of their business and get out of debt.” - Josh Hayman, Interact

He shares how it was all about listening and tweaking and not taking anything personally. This is so powerful!

As a yoga teacher, you can do the same thing. Talking and listening to your students with a business lens is going to help you so much. Because when you’re able to listen to people’s feedback in a way that won’t feel personal, you can take that feedback and actually allow it to grow your business.

“When people say ‘it would be nice if….’, take note of what they say next. This is how you can improve your offerings.” - Amanda McKinney

“The definition of humble is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself, less” - Josh Hayman

I really enjoyed the conversation with Josh on how they grew this business, they had patience and they continuously asked questions and made changes. This is what true collaboration is with your students.

“Faster alone, further together” - Josh Hayman

Why Quizzes Are So Powerful

People want to be heard. Many studies show that when you talk about yourself, your brain lights up like it does when you eat something tasty. This is just how we are wired as human beings and quizzes tap into this. By asking questions about the person, you’re allowing them to feel heard and understood.

While we know that nothing compares to a face-to-face conversation with a person, in the world we live in, this just isn’t possible to sit down with everyone and have an hour long conversation to learn about them.

Quizzes are a great way to get to know your audience AND it allows them to have some fun with your brand as well. This is a win-win!

“While it’s not the same as sitting down and enjoying a cup of coffee together, it’s a world of difference than a PDF guide.” - Josh Hayman, Interact

Because of this, quizzes are a great way to grow your email list because people are genuinely interested in knowing the results so they are more likely to enter their email address.

How To Create A Quiz - What Questions To Ask

Josh shared a technique with me that was truly a lightbulb moment for me. I’ve created many quizzes in my marketing days and I’ve never thought of creating the questions quite like this.

Here’s the steps:

  • Imagine you have a yoga studio that’s open 24/7 and that you’re able to sit at the front desk 24/7 too and talk to every person who comes in

  • As someone walks in they ask “what class should I take” or “why should I try yoga”

  • You would have a conversation with them and likely ask them some questions about themselves that would help you make a suggestion to them.


How amazing is that?! It’s that simple. It’s what you would say in real life to help guide someone so you could make a recommendation for them. Amazing!

“When people follow through on this, they’ve seen such astronomically amazing results” - Josh Hayman, Interact

“You are literally just turning yourself into a virtual version of you and putting it on your website so that when people do come to your virtual yoga studio, which is your website, they get that experience.” - Josh Hayman, Interact

Your next step

It’s time to create a quiz my friend! Use Interact for FREE by using this link and create your first quiz so you can grow your email list. Don’t let this process take too long and remember you can always tweak your quiz as you learn more about your audience.

Until next time give yourself permission to have fun with a quiz and grace along the way.

About Interact & Josh Hayman

Josh is the co-founder of interact quiz builder, a tool used by more than 100,000 small businesses to better understand customers and personalize marketing. He started Interact with a friend in college at age 19 and it has now become a multi-million dollar business serving companies in all 192 countries.

Interact Links:


Want to Use Interact For FREE?! You Can!!

I've got a link for you to try Interact for free and you're going love it!

Use this link to sign up for a free account and create your first quiz!

This will help you grow your email list so you can also grow your business. You know I'm a big believer that your revenue is directly tied to the strength of your email list. And remember, you don't need thousands of subscribers to have a strong email list!

*The link will provide you with a free account to Interact. If you upgrade, I will receive a small commission because I'm an affiliate for Interact.


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