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Ep. 66: YouTube, Sales, & Money - Oh My! It’s Q&A Time with Amanda & Megan

In this Q&A episode the lovely Megan Spears and I talk about YouTube, teaching online but still having connection with your students, conversions, and much more!

Let’s dive in!

***In case you don't know Megan yet, she's fantastic and you should know her! Just sayin'....

Megan is the Community Manager inside my Facebook Group so she sees your questions on a daily basis and helps make sure they're answered.

Megan is also my Private Yoga Teacher (aka: ab-creating-and-helps-me-keep-my-sanity coach) and even friend.

You can learn more about Megan on her website HERE!

What do you think of the method of using YouTube as your main "social media". Ie the one you focus on first/mostly. Is it still a good option for newbies?

  • YouTube isn’t social media, it’s a search engine, like Google

  • YouTube is great for yoga teachers but you will need to promote it other places too

  • If you’re a new teacher, don’t feel like you have to start here. Knowing your niche is a great step to take before starting a YouTube channel.

  • Remember - keep your videos short, these are more like pose tutorials than classes, you want the full length stuff to be paid, your marketing is a teaser.

  • Short keeps people on the platform -- binge watching like on netflix

How do you keep your online classes feeling connected? They can often feel disconnected or impersonal so I was hoping to see if anyone has any suggestions or tips they've found along the way.

  • Teach by sitting and talking instead of demoing the class

  • Show up 5 minutes early to the class and chat with your students

  • Send an email with a question before the class and let people answer before the class starts. Or simply ask the question before you start class and have people unmute and answer --- ex: What’s your favorite fall drink?

How are you converting people from Facebook groups and newsletters into paying customers. To someone at the beginning it seems like the magic is getting numbers but actually converting them is the tricky part.

  • You have to make the ask. You have to invite them to buy the offering.

  • If you feel like you’re always selling something to your audience, remember that you think about your business more than anyone else. Your audience doesn’t know all the different things happening or that you have available for purchase. You have to remind them.

  • Don’t forget to remind your audience about the thing that’s for sale. Remember your offering will help their life but they might need to see the offering a few times.

  • Question -- are you asking them to buy something?

  • Question -- is the messaging resonating with them?

  • Most of the time it’s not price or the offering but that’s what your brain will tell you.

Amanda, how long do you think it will take before you can make a decent amount of money from selling online yoga considering you take all the necessary marketing steps to become more visible online. When you start almost from scratch (for example I have 150 IG followers, 260 likes for my FB page and about 200 people on my email list), can you give a time frame of how long it takes before enough people start buying your programs? Maybe a silly question because it will depend on many other factors I guess but it’s something I’m struggling with because it would like to drop my daytime job to work on my online programs but then I need to know a bit how long it will take before I can make some money from the online yoga programs.

  • First, you have a great start! You’re far from ZERO! Your email list is GREAT!

  • You can make money right now with your audience.

  • One question -- how engaged are you on these platforms?

  • If you’re posting every now and then on social or have only emailed your list once, it’s going to take a longer time to make money

  • But if you’ve been showing up consistently in front of your audience, you can send an email tomorrow and make money

  • Another question -- how specialized/niched are you?

  • If you’re still teaching all kinds of things, it will take more time but if you’re specialized, you can make money quicker.

  • As for quitting your day-job there’s one thing that will determine this --- what’s your MVI?

  • MVI - Minimum Viable Income

  • You need to know how much money it takes to pay your bills - personal and business.

  • Once you know this, you can plan for your transition to teaching full time.

  • Resource --- Episode 43 on The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast with Steph Crowder

Your next step

Send in your questions the next time I mention we will be doing a Q&A call. I love answering your questions so send them in! And you can always ask your questions in my free Facebook Group >>>> Here's the link to join <<<<

Until next time, give yourself permission to have fun in whatever you’re doing today and grace along the way. I’ll talk to you soon!


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