Ep. 69: The Skinny Launch Method with Destinee Berman

“Your business is built on a series of launches. The strategies and tools that we use to fill digital courses doesn’t only apply to digital courses. I’ve helped clients fill up live retreats and year long programs, in-person programs.” - Destinee Berman

You’ve heard the word “launch” before but are you curious how it can be applied in your yoga business?

I received questions about this once I documented one of my launches here on the podcast - check out episodes 9, 11, 12 & 13. - and in this episode we’re digging into how the launching process can apply to your yoga business.

I interviewed launching expert, Destinee Berman, and had so much fun talking with her about her signature process: The Skinny Launch Method™.

So often a launch of a new offering can feel overwhelming and complicated but Destinee breaks it down and makes it simple. I love it! And I know you will too. Let’s dig in!

What is a “launch”?

“In the software space, a product launch or even a book launch, it’s a one-time thing. What’s funny is that in the digital course space, a launch is repeated.” - Destinee Berman

In the digital world, we often hear about a “launch” as something that happens for a digital product: a course or digital files delivered. But this can also apply to an in-person offering or a specialty workshop you’re hosting on a quarterly basis.

The key is to think about when registration is open for your yoga offering as a “launch” and this can happen many times, not just once. You can have multiple launches of the same program/product/offering several times in a year.

“We think a launch is a one-time event but it really can be repeatable and scalable and leveraged.” - Destinee Berman

Destinee further defines a launch into two parts:

  • Pre Launch Period - before someone can register for the offering

  • Enrollment Period - when registration is open

The other term you might hear thrown around when it comes to launches is the idea of an “evergreen launch”.

An evergreen launch means that you can enroll people in that particular offering 24/7. There isn’t an open and close date. It’s always open.

Launching Different Yoga Offers

“Your business is built on a series of launches. The strategies and tools that we use to fill digital courses doesn’t only apply to digital courses. I’ve helped clients fill up live retreats and year long programs, in-person programs.” - Destinee Berman

I really enjoyed when Destinee referred to your business being built on a series of launches. It helps put this into perspective because that’s truly what will happen for you.

If you offer a specialty workshop a few times a year, some group classes and private sessions, these are all “launched” and focused on at different times and that helps you build your yoga business.

Look back at the past year in your business and identify the different times you launched something new in your business. Even if you didn’t consider it a launch when you were going through it, that’s exactly what it was.

Systemizing Your Launch

“What I find that’s beautiful about this process is you get to leverage the assets you produce for each launch and typically you’ll use 70-80% of the emails and sales page that you made so you don’t have to redo everything.” - Destinee Berman

There are ways to automate things to make it easier and easier each time around and we highly recommend that you use this process. Simply writing your emails in a Google Document so you can easily copy and paste it into your email service the next time you’re launching that workshop or class will save you time.

Same thing with social media posts! When you capture these in a digital file (like a Google Document or Spreadsheet) you can easily reuse that content so you aren’t starting over each time. This saves you time and energy plus as you learn more about your audience you can find what words work better and use more of those posts each time.

“When people look at the ROI of one launch, personally, I think that’s a mistake. It’s really at least two launches in terms of what you’re investing when you’re looking at ROI, that’s really where the magic starts to happen.” - Destinee Berman

Please keep this in mind! Repeat the launch of an offering so you can learn and make more money the second time around. This will help you get better at offering that particular offering and each time will be more successful!

The Skinny Launch Method™

Destinee’s signature launch method is based on the ideas of the Minimum Viable Product and The Lean Startup Methods. If you aren’t familiar with these methods you can read more about them but the idea is to keep things simple.

“We try to overcomplicate things.” - Destinee Berman

We can all fall into this trap of trying to overcomplicate things because there are a lot of options we have. With all the tech possibilities and all the things we see other people doing, it’s easy to fall into this.

Destinee breaks down launching into 2 phases in her Skinny Launch Method™:

Phase 1: The Pre-Launch Phase

Get Clear On Your Offer and Your Audience

You have to know who you’re speaking to and really understanding how much you’ve nurtured your audience up until this point is critical too.

“This is 70-80% of the launch method. People think that the launch itself is the enrollment and sales part but that’s really 20%. If you set up the pre-launch phase correctly, that’s what’s going to set you up for success.” - Destinee Berman

  • Is your offer clear?

  • Is your offer needed?

  • Is the audience with whom you’re speaking to clear?

  • How actively are you building and nurturing?