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Ep 7: Using the “Fierce Formula” to write your about page with Allison Gower

Ep #7: Using the “Fierce Formula” to write your about page with Allison Gower

As your Marketing Coach you will hear me say this often - words are hard! This episode will help you get clear on writing copy for the "About" page on your website. Helping me out is the copywriting guru and fellow yoga teacher, Allison Gower!

Key Takeaways:

(03:17) Learn more about Allison - copywriting and yoga teacher extraordinaire!

(07:51) As a yoga teacher, you are a copywriter!

(08:36) What goes on an about page?

"If you [as a yoga teacher] can get someone to do something with their body and successfully move from one pose to another you can definitely write your About page on your website!" - Amanda

(09:19) Copy, especially about pages, are always about who you're serving.

(10:21) Frame the first few lines to be referenced about "them" and they'll want to learn more about you.

(12:00) Why knowing your niche is important to fill your classes and your about page!

(12:51) Serving one type of niche right now doesn't mean you can't change and serve a different one later.

(14:07) Allison's recommendation for identifying your dream client/student

(15:00) Exercises and questions Allison tells her clients to do and ask when researching

"When you have a client roster that is full of people that aren't a good don't leave space for the clients you could be working with."


(15:45) What is your "fierce factor"?

(18:55) What to write on your about page after addressing who you serve.

(19:27) Keep it relevant to what you do!

(20:05) Work in credentials that people recognize, not all of them under the moon.

(21:00) When you niche, you attract who you're supposed to!

(22:40) Still be fun and sprinkle fun facts - laughing and smile is valuable (so are connections).

(24:34) How to write information about yourself by keeping it short and sweet.

(25:15) Don't forget your call to action!

(25:56) What is the Fierce Factor Formula?

"Your about page is just like a yoga class!" - Allison

(25:56) What is the Fierce Factor Formula?

  • What's your mission - what to you do and who do you serve?

  • Who are you? (Sprinkle of fun facts, certifications etc.)

  • What can you do for them?

  • Call to action.

(29:15) Follow this formula and ask these questions - your about page will come together!

(30:15) Need some story ideas for content or emails? Ask your friends or family!

(32:00) Save the longer life stories for your social media and other forms of content - that's not what your About page is for.

(33:10) Your website is to convert them to something. A sale, attending your class, joining your email list...




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