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Ep. 77: 3 Steps to Being More Productive & Intentional with Shunta Grant

“I found this magical place called intention and not busy, and I’m now on a mission to bring every woman who wants to come over to this side because life is so much sweeter over here.” - Shunta Grant

Get ready to be inspired...and called out (in a loving way). In this episode, I talked with Shunta Grant, the creator of the Best Today™ Brand which equips women with resources to be proactive and intentional with their time. Her signature product, the Best Today™ Guide, helps women get clear on what they want and provides a simple three-step process to guide women toward their vision for the future one today at a time. Shunta also trains business owners, leaders and teams how to grow mission-minded companies through her signature program and framework, Peace Pace Progress™.

And she shares the process to follow in your yoga business to get on the other side of busy and grow your business.

How to Get On The Other Side of Busy

“I landed there by being there first.” - Shunta Grant

Shunta owns 3 businesses and does this by working just 3 days a week. But that’s today. It didn’t start this way. She found herself sitting in her car one day realizing that her go-to answer for “how are you” was “busy” and she knew there had to be a better way. She wanted more time with her family and she didn’t want to be stressed and frazzled all the time.

But she also loved the career she was building for herself too so she felt torn.

“I thought if you’re doing something you love, you can spend all the time doing it. That, that was the dream. But I realized that I was just doing. I wasn’t working towards a specific goal.” - Shunta Grant

Through careful thought, she realized that she was doing all the things but not really focused on reaching a specific goal that aligned with her business and personal values. From there she made the choice to make changes to create the life and business that she dreamed of.

She also saw big changes in her productivity when her work day was cut due to being pregnant and having an additional child at home.

“I was getting more done in those shorter workdays than i was when I had one company with a 10 hour work day because I learned how to shift things and I learned how to be proactive and intentional”. - Shunta Grant

“We love what we’re doing but that doesn’t mean we have to do it all day, every day. It kind of hits you when you say that.” - Amanda McKinney

Process of Identifying What to Let Go Of

If you find yourself in a place where you feel “busy” and want to be on the other side of that feeling, it’s time to make some changes. Shunta outlines the process that we can follow and make big changes in our life and business but she’s not shy about saying, you have to actually want it in order for it to happen.

Step 1: Go back to the basics and cut back

It’s easy to find yourself in a place where you’re offering MANY different options in your yoga business. A student asks for one thing and you create it. Then that happens again and again and before you know it, you you have 10 different options listed on your website.

When you find yourself here, it’s time to cut back. Shunta talks about how she found herself in her first business (Because of Zoe) selling not just the original hair bows that made her successful but also scarves and blankets and many other things. So the first thing she did was cut back and sold ONLY hair bows again.

“Go back to the basics. Master that and only that. I remember that was a really drastic change.” - Shunta Grant

For you this can look like reviewing all your classes and offerings and cutting it back to 2 or 3 things. Maybe you find that you love one class so you offer that one class several times a week instead of all types of classes. This helps you focus in one thing and it makes everything easier.

“When you have multiple offerings on your website it can get confusing for your audience and it’s hard to the marketing. It’s real hard!” - Amanda McKinney

Step 2: Look at what you can outsource

Before you say “I can’t do this” hang with us on this part because there are ways you can do this.

The next step in the process is to figure out what you can get off your plate so you free up space. You likely can’t do this with a lot of things at once but what’s just one thing you can get off your plate that you don’t love?

“Get your hands out of the doing, so you can do the thinking” - Shunta Grant

One way to do this in your yoga business is to test the waters with a project and rather than thinking of hiring a full time or part time employee. For example:

  • Ask one of your yoga students to create a google doc with content ideas so you’re never wondering ‘what to talk about’ again! You can pay them for 1 hour of time or give them a free pass to your upcoming workshop or class.

  • Hire a VA (virtual assistant) for a few hours of time to upload all your recordings to YouTube and schedule them to be released on specific dates.

  • Get someone to take your blog articles that are written in google docs and create the blog post on your website.

The idea is that you think about what YOU need to do in your business and what could someone else do. You know you need to be the teacher - whether that’s in person, online, live or pre-recorded - and you need to write your content (social media posts, blog posts, emails) but you can actually outsource the uploading or the creating part of these tasks. This allows you to free up more space to be better at the tasks you are needed for.

“A lot of the time, the person who really shuts down our dreams, is the person in the mirror. It’s not someone else. You’ve sold yourself on this story of what you can’t do.” - Shunta Grant

While it can feel scary to hire someone to take on a task in your business, it can help you make more money in your business. We aren’t suggesting to put financial strain on yourself but get creative so you can expand your business.

“You can keep making the excuse of here are all the reasons why I can’t or you could say I’m going to go out and try it.” - Shunta Grant

“If your excuse is I don’t have the money, my answer to you is you will never have it.” - Shunta Grant

Step 3: Let things go that aren’t serving you anymore

This one’s a biggy! It’s really easy to hold onto things just because we’ve been doing it. Maybe this is using a social media platform, or teaching a specific class but just because we’ve been doing something doesn’t mean we have to continue to do it.

“If Instagram isn’t helping you grow your business, let it go.” - Amanda McKinney

“It makes no sense to just keep things there because it was once helpful or just there.” - Shunta Grant

The best way to figure this out is to look at your offerings and all the actions you’re taking in your business and list it out. Challenge yourself and ask “why am I doing this” and if the answer is “just because” then it’s likely time to let it go so you can free up more space. If something isn’t serving you anymore, it’s time to let it go.

And even if it is serving you, you can still let it go. If you have goals that you’re looking to reach in your business but you can’t get there if you don’t make more space, you’ll have to make some changes. And sometimes that means letting go of something that’s making you money.

“Just because you’re making money with something, doesn’t mean you have to keep it around forever.” - Amanda McKinney

If you find yourself in this situation, I encourage you to find a recommendation if you need to let go of teaching a class and you’re worried about your students. I’ve seen this for letting go of classes, workshops, courses and even Facebook Groups. If you’re worried about letting your students down, find a replacement that you can recommend and share that with your students as you let them know you will no longer have that offering as part of your business.

Get Specific and Niche Down

“I started where I was with what I had and everything that has happened since, happened organically.” - Shunta Grant

Shunta talks about how she started by creating hair bows and now has a business for helping women get on the other side of busy with a course and a planner product. This is evolution of a niche if I’ve ever seen one and it’s working for her in a wonderful way.

In your yoga business this can look like noticing where your conversations go to and where your true passion is in life. Follow that and let it evolve and be okay with it. Every experience will help you later and you will have a successful business no matter what your niche ends up being. Follow your intuition and your passion but you will want to niche down and get specific.

Then once you know, be specific.

“I really make it clear I’m talking to a very specific woman. Not everyone is ready for what we do over at the Best Today Brand.” - Shunta Grant

I loved what Shunta said about the fact that by niching down, you aren’t banishing others from buying something from you or enrolling in your class, they get to make that decision. But when you’re specific, you get to create for a specific person and it makes everything easier.

Your next step

Ask yourself just one question and take time to journal about this:

“Do you really love what you do? Because when I really love what I’m doing, I can’t stop talking about it.” - Shunta Grant

By asking yourself this question, you’ll tap into what lights your heart on fire and then marketing gets easier because it’s impossible to stop. When you find yourself always talking about what you’re doing because you really know how much it helps people, that’s when your business will really expand.

Until next time give yourself permission to get on the other side of busy and grace along the way. I’ll talk to you soon!

About Shunta

In a world telling women to “do it all,” Shunta Grant teaches women to joyfully decline a life filled with the overwhelm, tension and discontentment brought on by a constant state of busy-ness. Shunta helps women live life (and build businesses) on the OTHER side of busy. Shunta is the creator of the Best Today™ Brand which equips women with resources to be proactive and intentional with their time. Her signature product, the Best Today™ Guide, helps women get clear on what they want and provides a simple three-step process to guide women toward their vision for the future one today at a time. Shunta also trains business owners, leaders and teams how to grow mission-minded companies through her signature program and framework, Peace Pace Progress™. To learn more about Shunta and how she can help you on your journey visit

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