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Actual Example Of How Courage Led To Small Business Success

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

If you want small business success but struggle with self doubt, lack of confidence and procrastination this article is for you. My client, Cammy, shares all about these things and how she pushed through it all. In the end she hosted a successful free challenge that lead into a paid program of hers.

On the other side of taking action (even though she was scared) was confidence and results.

When I worked with Cammy over the course of several months, we navigated through her nervousness to take action in her business. This is common when we are doing something new which was the case for Cammy. She's a passionate yoga teacher who wants to help others experience the benefits of yoga and self massage but when it comes to selling things, that's out of her comfort zone.

But what I loved about working with Cammy is that she showed up willing to push through the fear. Cammy has an incredible amount of courage and has a very inspiring story.

While fear could have held her back from taking action, she exhibited true courage in trying something new even though she didn't know how things would turn out. In the end she had a great result but even more, is now more courageous because she knows she can do it.

Cammy's Courage Lead To Small Business Success

Cammy first bought a product of mine that had everything she needed to host a free challenge. However, it was overwhelming for her and therefore, she never took action with that digital product.

I hosted a live version of the program and Cammy joined so that it could help her take action. This is something to keep in mind for yourself - if you notice that you purchase digital products and don't take action, this likely means a live version or program would work better for you due to the fact that there is accountability with live calls and homework.

"Your permission busted my mind open and I began taking action and that action led to clarity." - Cammy


**This was also a podcast episode (episode #189. Use the player below if you'd prefer to listen to this message.


Her Small Business Goals

Her goal was to reach a larger audience and grow her email list. Based on this goal, she created a 5 day challenge that lead to an 85% growth on her email list.

  • 5 day challenge - Self Massage 101 Challenge

  • Original goal = 50 sign ups (scary for her)

  • Total = 186 sign ups

  • Increased her email list by 85%

"This was encouraging and told me that there was definitely interest in self massage." - Cammy

After the survey took place, she created and sent out a survey to all the challenge participants to gain feedback. Based on the challenge feedback as well as a few questions that gave her insights into what she could offer next, she was able to create a paid program.

Image of text "we hear you"

Survey Results That Led To A Paid Program

  • 42 responses

  • Helped her understand what to offer in a paid offering after the challenge

But even with the successful challenge and survey results, Cammy was nervous to move forward with promoting a paid offering in her business.

"Then I froze up. I love to give something away for free but it's another thing to offer something for sale. I was lacking confidence yet again." - Cammy

It was at this point that she realized how much self doubt and lack of confidence she had and knew she needed more support. Cammy needed a coach to be by her side and help her not only know what action to take next but to be encouraged to take the action even though she was nervous.

"You gave me a good friendly shove to take action" - Cammy

Through lots of encouragement and even more of Cammy pushing through and accessing the courage within her, she created her paid program and introduced it to her audience. And what a success it was!

Cammy's SOLD OUT Program:

Yoga + Self Massage Class Series

  • Her Original Goal = 10 paid sign ups

  • Her Updated Goal = 20 was "Best Goal"

  • Total Sign Ups = 31!!!!

  • 17% conversion rate from challenge to paid offering

"The format and the content are based on the feedback I received from my survey, just like you teach." - Cammy

By tapping into what she learned from her free challenge and the follow up survey, Cammy was able to create a paid offering that people truly wanted that grew her small business. This is a great system to follow when you aren't sure what to create in your business.

Follow the bread crumbs that your audience and clients are leaving for you with their words and actions.

But even more than financial results, which are great, Cammy gained much more through this experience. She uncovered more of her confidence and now has an example to go back to when her self doubt comes back to her in the future.

"More than anything, this journey has made me so happy that I now have something free to give to people when they have an interest in self-massage or when they buy balls from me. This means they can jump right into learning and immediately feel the benefits." - Cammy

"This challenge and now my class series finally opened my eyes to what I really want to focus on going forward. It's given me a clear picture of what people need and want and what they are willing to sign up for." - Cammy

Take Away Message / Action

Be inspired by Cammy's courage and allow this to help you take action. Cammy didn't know what the result would be but she was willing to take action to see what happened.

Not everything will turn out the way we hoped or like Cammy experienced, exceed our expectations but you don't have a chance of this happening if you don't try. By taking action through courage Cammy uncovered more of her confidence and now has an example to go back to the next time self doubt comes into play for her.

The other thing Cammy did was reach out for support when she realized she wasn't taking action. I was fortunate enough to be the person who supported Cammy in this and if I feel like the coach for you, I'd love to work with you.

My current coaching options can be found >> HERE. But even if I'm not the coach for you, find your coach to help you push through the fear and take action.

Because on the other side of action is progress, clarity and confidence. Until next time give yourself permission to push through fear and grace along the way. I'll talk to you soon.

About Cammy:

Cammy Adair is a certified RYT500 with a BS degree in Exercise Science and Health Education. In addition to 500 hours of yoga training, Cammy trained with Jill Miller for Yoga Tune Up® training and Roll Model Method®. Her passion is anatomy and to deliver biomechanically safe and accessible yoga practices that improve posture, strength, flexibility and performance, while reducing pain, tightness and stress. Cammy is also a mom of 6, grandma of 7 and happily married. She loves riding horses, gardening, mountain biking, skiing, climbing, paddleboarding…basically anything outdoors with her fun family!

Cammy's Resources:

Ep. 189 - Courage Led To Small Business Success

"Your permission busted my mind open and I began taking action and that action led to clarity."

- Cammy Adair


Looking For More Support

If you're feeling stuck, dealing with self doubt and have realized you aren't taking action, I'd love to help you.

Check out my current coaching options available so I can support you in the way you need.


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