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Ep. 81: Feeling defeated? This episode’s for you [how I navigated a tech-tough day]

“We have to give ourselves grace and space when we’re learning something new” - Amanda McKinney

After a tremendously hard day with technology, I recorded this episode for you.

At 8:30pm in my closet.

Because I really felt that you needed to hear the raw emotion of this day. I know that you have days like this too and hearing my chipper voice on a podcast might not be what you need.

You might need to hear that I feel defeated on days like this too.

So that’s what I wanted to give you. The real-talk. After a crappy day I acknowledged that it was crappy but I didn’t allow myself to sit in the suckiness too long.

I share how I navigated all the emotions of the day, how my students helped me more than anything and the biggest lesson I learned:

That we have to remember that it takes time to learn something new, especially when it comes to technology. And so we have to allow MORE space on our calendars for this so that we don’t feel the pressure of time while trying to learn something new.

I put myself in a bad situation by putting the pressure of time on myself when I was also learning new tech. It was a bad combo and I didn’t win on this day.

Tech = 100

Amanda = 0

But through the tough day I learned a lot both about myself and how I can help you even more than I have before. Now that I’m on the other side of the sucky day, I can confidently tell you that the videos that I recorded (again, on day 2) are much better for you than they were on day 1.

My words are more compassionate. My heart was in a different place. And I know it will land more for you.

Listen in, bookmark this page and keep it handy for the next time you need a pep talk that isn’t as much “chipper” but raw emotion and still inspirational.

The highlights:

  • I had a plan to record new course content for Confident Yoga Marketing

  • The course is great but after learning and hearing feedback from students I knew it could be better

  • I scripted all the new videos and was ready to batch but the wheels fell off the bus because...

  • I introduced new technology but didn’t account for this on my calendar

  • Well, the tech kicked my butt hardcore!

  • After hours of recording 6 videos I looked at the videos and I was out of focus - in all of them.

  • All that work had to be deleted because you couldn’t see me and that’s pretty important

  • I cried, a lot

  • But I then pulled it together and made a new plan - with the help of my husband and students actually

  • What I learned: When we are learning something new, we have to account for the time that it will take us to learn that new thing

  • We can’t assume it will take us the same amount of time to do something when we have to learn new technology

It’s my hope that you take this lesson that I learned the hard way and incorporate this into your yoga business as well.

Until next time remember to give yourself space on your calendar for learning and grace along the way. I’ll talk to you soon.


Curious about Confident Yoga Marketing?

The tech won when I was recording content for Confident Yoga Marketing but not for long. I conquered the tech and the videos were actually recorded and now they're ready for you. Check out Confident Yoga Marketing to see the new videos in action!


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