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Fill Your Yoga Classes Using Instagram Posts

If you’ve ever felt frustrated because you’ve posted and posted and posted on Instagram and it didn’t help you fill your class, this blog post is for you.

Step 1: Identify the offering you’re trying to fill - choose just one

If you’re trying to use Instagram to fill 10 classes a week it’s going to feel like you’re always saying “come to class” and that’s not fun. A better way to go about this is by choosing a particular offering you want to grow and focusing on that specific offering. For example, if you love teaching restorative yoga and there’s a class on Saturday that you really enjoy but can’t seem to fill it, focus on promoting that class for a while to help it grow.

Step 2: Identify your posting schedule

Maybe you’ve heard that you need to post to Instagram every day for it to “work” but that’s not the case. The best thing to do is choose a frequency that works best for you and then stick to the schedule. And if you’re feeling stuck on this, I suggest 3 times a week. So choose the days you will post and then commit to sticking to that schedule.

Step 3: Identify the words that your current students use

Specifically, how do they describe how they feel BEFORE your class and how do they describe how they feel AFTER your class. Start to listen to what your students say and take note of this because it will help you with your marketing in major ways!

Step 4: Use those words to write your Instagram posts using the Instagram Post Formula*

Take the words your students have used and allow that to help you write your social media posts.

*Using the Instagram Formula (linked here) to share tips, suggestions and tutorials related to restorative yoga. Focus on this content exclusively so that your audience continues to learn from your posts on this topic.

Remember: give, give, give in your marketing and it will help grow your classes.

A sign of a good social media post is when you share something and can say this at the end:

“If you enjoyed this tip, you’d love my restorative yoga classes on Saturday’s. Join me this Saturday!”

So as you’re planning your next class that you want to fill, use that as inspiration for your social media posts! This will naturally help you talk about that topic and then invite people to your awesome yoga class!


Listen To A Podcast Episode All About What To Post On Social Media

Listen to episode #84 of my podcast where I walk through the formula for what to post on social media step by step with even more examples.


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