Finding Success Through Failure As A Yoga Business Owner

Conversation with Allison Rissel

Failure is part of being a business owner but through failure, we can find success.

That’s what my guest, Allison Rissel, is sharing in this conversation. Allison is a yoga teacher, a yoga teacher training and a student of mine. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Allison for several years now and it’s been such a gift to see how her business has changed and how she has navigated so many different experiences - successes and failures.

On paper, she experienced a failure when she didn’t reach any of her goals when running an event last year. But after processing the “failure,” she was able to persevere and pull out the successes that have come through that experience.

It’s my hope that hearing Allison's success through failure story will help you through a tough moment of your own. Let's hear from Allison!

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Mindset: Finding success after a “failure” happens

"I felt like I had put more work into this whole event than I had ever put into anything else. And it was heartbreaking." - Allison Rissel

Allison had a big in-person yoga conference scheduled in May 2021. Because of Covid, she suddenly had to pivot and turn it into a fully virtual event instead. Allison's specialty is in-person events, so when it became virtual, she had no idea how to pre-market it or even how to run it.

To make a long story short, she didn't meet ANY of her goals. She didn't meet her financial goals or her registration goals. And she was devastated.

However, after some time, Allison was able to take some steps back and look at the bigger picture. She could see all of the GOOD that happened because of the conference and how it was actually a success for her business. She made incredibly connections that allowed her to start additional events, she learned new marketing strategies that will help her in the future, and she learned Facebook ads.

"Even though I felt there was this massive failure that happened, it turned into a huge success for the future growth of my business, the future growth of me." - Allison Rissel

I think we can all look back and identify a time where we failed. We didn't meet our goal or we didn't succeed in a particular thing. And even though the feelings of failure are so real when we're in the midst of it, once we're on the other side of all the feelings, we can look back and see why it happened and how it's helped us in the future.

"Looking back, this was actually a super successful event." - Allison Rissel

When we realize that it’s going to be a failure

"The week before the event, I knew. I wasn't hitting any of my numbers. I knew this wasn't going to hit any of my goals. I knew it was a failure. I won't lie...I cried a lot during this process." - Allison Rissel

One week before the event when Allison realized she wasn't anywhere near the numbers she wanted to hit, she was ready to throw in the towel and quit everything in her business. She wanted to cancel it all. She was embarrassed because she had told her speakers and sponsors that it was going to be a huge success with lots of registrants, and instead it fell short.

"I told my husband that I just wanted to hide. I wanted to quit and never show my face again. Thankfully I didn't do that, and thankfully my husband talked me down from the ledge!"

- Allison Rissel

A lot of times we don't necessarily have a fear of failing. We have a fear of failing in front of other people. That embarrassment is real, and it's so hard to overcome these feelings.

Asking for support

"As soon as I asked for help, help was actually given to me. It was great." - Allison Rissel

Allison was 100% honest with her presenters the entire time and kept them updated with the numbers. Whenever she told her presenters, all of them jumped in immediately to try to help. They sent out more emails, they did more Instagram and Facebook lives, and got more people to join! It was amazing for her to see that community support.

Whether you have a husband, a partner, a biz bestie, a parent, or a therapist, it's so important to be able to raise your hand and say "I need support!"

How to navigate feelings of failure

"The thing that brought me the best sense of joy was the feedback from my presents and from my attendees, and the experience of the event as well. Hearing their stories about how much it helped them...that gave me the confidence that I knew what I was doing and that I was putting something together really really great." - Allison Rissel

If any coach or any person who is teaching on marketing or running a business says they succeed all the time, they are lying! There's no shame in admitting that you fail. I fail all the time. like to say, "Fail fast so I can learn faster" and keep moving on.

When it happens, I do a few things to deal with the feelings of discomfort and failure. First, I ask for support as mentioned above. Then I look at the data and see what I can learn. I get analytical. What are the numbers saying? If I can learn from it, I know I can do better next time.

But then it's always people's words that really help me move through those feelings. I know that I need to make the voices of the people that are saying "Thank you Amanda" louder than the voices that are saying otherwise.