How to deal with negative or limiting thoughts as a yoga entrepreneur

Feeling defeated? Dealing with negative or limiting thoughts lately? Not feeling like you are or are doing enough?

Welcome to the club! This seems to be happening for everyone lately. I’ve heard over and over again lately that people are feeling discouraged due to lack of progress in their yoga business, or feeling like they are starting over, or feeling like they don’t know enough in order to help others.

If you're feeling those things, this blog is for you my friend!

I did a pep talk previously back in 2020 in episode #39 and it's time for an updated version. This conversation is meant to be the reset you need when you’re struggling with making progress in business (or life). Be sure to bookmark this one so you have it on hand whenever you need it!

**This was also a podcast episode (episode #133). Use the player below if you'd prefer to listen to this message.

First, I’m going to share with you several things I’ve been hearing lately...and I bet that you’ll hear something that resonates with you today, too.


  • "I feel like I’m starting over."

  • "I’m not sure what step to take."

  • "I know what step to take, but I’m scared/nervous/simply not taking action."

  • "I’m feeling discouraged [for whatever reason]"

  • "I feel like I should be doing 'more.'"

  • I’m sick and tired of things changing all the time." (usually related to the pandemic)

  • "I’m worn out from it all!"

Limiting Beliefs/Thoughts:

  • "I don’t know enough to help someone else."

  • "I’m too old."

  • "Someone else does this, and way better than me!"

  • "It’s all been done before."

Which one resonated? Which one really called out to you? I can guarantee you that it's one (if not more) of these things. I have heard these over and over again and it breaks my heart.

I know you're doing amazing things. I know it, your students know it, but so often we don't think we're doing amazing things because no one is telling us.

Nine times out of ten, you ARE helping people. They're just not saying it to you. There are people who appreciate what you're doing, you just don't know it yet. And maybe you'll never know it, but I promise you you have people that are so thankful that you are doing what you are called to in life.

You are not alone!

If there’s anything I’ve heard more lately it’s the feeling of defeat, tiredness, and "not-enoughness". So if you’re feeling any of these or similar, you’re not alone.

Understanding this doesn't take away the feeling, but it does help ease the sting of whatever you're going through. Knowing we're not alone is helpful because it helps to normalize our experience and we feel recognized and accepted by another person.

You know when you're having a conversation with someone and they say something you can relate to 100%? You have that special moment of "Wow, you feel this way too?" I want you to feel that RIGHT NOW. Whatever you are feeling right now, a lot of other people are feeling it as well. You are not alone.

When we feel alone we often don’t ask for help or support and that leads to more struggle. I need you to know that you're not alone because I want you to ask for support.

Take Action:

Talk to a friend, a biz bestie, or a partner about whatever it is you’re struggling with. Sometimes saying it out helps immediately. For example: I often answer my own question or realize how silly something is when I talk to my biz besties. It seems bigger in our minds.

You are enough. You are doing enough. You know enough.

Period. Just as you are today, you are enough for what you were put on this earth to do.

You have gifts that you were meant to share and you have everything inside you right now. Our experiences will help us grow but you have everything you need right now. You are enough right now.

In my opinion, the "not enoughness" that can get inside of our heads comes from comparison. We are not born with this feeling of not being enough. We learn the concept of being “less than” as we grow up.

For example, when we’re learning to walk or talk we don’t think “someone else is already doing this.” We have the capability in us as a child to learn to talk or walk, but we have to try to make it happen.

It's the same with what you’re trying to accomplish now. You have the ability to do it, but you’re doubting that ability.

Take Action:

Come up with a reframing phase TODAY that you can reframe your "not enoughness" thoughts. Write it on your mirror (like I do) or a post it or make it your background on your phone. See it, read it, say it. We have to reframe our thoughts.

Breathe and take a step back

When you find yourself spinning a bit with these thoughts of doubt, not-enoughness, or limiting thoughts, you have to interrupt the thought. Take a breath and then state your reframing thought.

I find myself saying this all the time