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How to Find Authentic Connection in the Online Yoga World

Today’s a topic that’s all in all not a super fun one or very exciting to talk about: loneliness.

The independence of being entrepreneurs, business owners and yoga teachers is so exciting! But it doesn’t come without its downfalls. I hear it pretty often in my Facebook Group as well as from group coaching yoga teachers in and my one on one clients: it can be lonely.

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Yoga teachers, especially the ones who work in the online space start to feel lonely! It can even happen in the studio because we teach by ourselves. We go into the room and there can be a little separation from ourselves and the students.

Because we teach by yourself, we probably don’t spend too much time with other yoga teachers other than when we’re in a training— your yoga teacher friends are probably off teaching their own classes!

How to Find Authentic Connection Online

Let’s take a look and see how we can find connections both online and off while we’re building our yoga empires!

Your Accountability Buddy

A few weeks ago, I talked about holding ourselves accountable and how we might want to have an accountability buddy in this journey. Not only does it help to have someone hold you accountable in your day to day tasks — but it also gives you a business buddy to feel less lonely in all of this. They are there to support you!

Your accountability/business buddy is a perfect person to confide in because they’re probably going through similar feelings in their business. They understand what you’re going through as you’re trying to build your business.

Facebook Groups

Since you’re probably already on Facebook so much already, use it to make some connections! Yes, there is still a screen between you and the other person but you can interact inside Facebook groups in a really sweet way.

Go and take a look at few Facebook groups (here’s mine!). Use them to find an accountability buddy! Or be a little vulnerable and admit you’re feeling a little lonely in this business endeavour and you’ll be overwhelmed (hopefully in a good way) with all the responses! It’s totally possible to make a genuine connection with someone, even though it’s online.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is a great way to get a kick-start with accountability since you will have a coach and others in the group with you. Then you will be connected with others who are in a similar space as you and you can stay connected afterwards.

Even if you’re looking to join a group about learning more about anatomy or the health effects of yoga, maybe even pelvic health — there’s probably a group of other yoga teachers interested in the same thing! You’ll be instantly connected through having a similar interest.

Local Yoga Teachers

You can look in your local area too! I know this can sometimes have resistance but there are others in your local area who would love to connect with others. Find those yoga teachers who you’re already connected to and start talking business.

Some people try and say they can’t do this because yoga is just too competitive in their area. Just try! Especially if both (or all) of you have niched down, you’re not even competitors! If you’re a pre-natal yoga teacher and they’re a power vinyasa teacher it’s a perfect match for a partnership! You just never know who will become your biz bestie!

This is my favorite way to make connections — in person! In today’s day and age making in-person connections can be a little difficult because we're all so busy or attached to our technology but never forget the importance of real human connection.

Final Words

It’s so important to make the effort to connect with other yoga teachers, studio owners, yoga creators — whatever! I have TONS of friends and I love them dearly but they’re not running their own business — so while they’re great to have in my life they’re not exactly the most relatable biz bestie.

You need an accountability buddy. You need a biz bestie! Working with someone on a regular basis will do wonderful things for your mental health, your business and bring excitement back into the day to day tasks.

Your Next Best Step

Step out of your comfort zone (whatever that is for you) and reach out in some way TODAY. Not tomorrow, today. Post something inspiring in a Facebook Group (you can post in mine!) and see who reacts to the post and see where the conversation goes. Reach out to a local friend and ask if they want to grab lunch or coffee this week. Take action today and don’t stay hidden behind your computer. Deal?

Give yourself permission to reach out and ask for a biz bestie and grace along the way,

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