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How To Grow Your Yoga YouTube Channel The Realistic Way

Conversation with Christine Jaureguiberry

Are you interested in starting or growing your YouTube channel?

If you are, it’s time to get specific and niche down because a general channel for yoga on YouTube has too much competition. But if you’re specific and serving up really specialized content, you can grow your channel.

Christine Jaureguiberry who specializes in yoga for scoliosis started with a YouTube channel and she's sharing all the details of her growth! She started her channel, Yogaberry, to share what she was learning about how yoga can help scoliosis. How genius is that?!

After working with the amazing Shannon Crow, she dedicated time for learning and time for sharing and the two were connected. This is a fantastic way of leaning into your niche before you feel “ready” and I hope this inspires you.

Feeling The Struggle of Niching Down As A Yoga Teacher

“It wasn’t easy.” - Christine Jaureguiberry

Christine shares how after graduating from yoga teacher training she wanted to teach all different types of students and wanted to get more training too!

“Yoga is for everyone. We want to help everyone.” - Christine Jaureguiberry

While it’s absolutely true that yoga is for everyone, not every teacher is best for everyone. The truth is that you as a yoga teacher have a unique gift to share yoga to certain people. Maybe it’s someone struggling with something you’ve walked the path before too, or maybe it’s a particular age group, or maybe it’s a certain situation in life. The list can go on and on but the idea is that you have a gift to teach a particular person and that’s really a group of people. It just takes tapping into what that is for you.

One way that Christine worked through the struggle of niching down was to ask for help. She worked with Shannon Crow to help define her niche and Shannon has a great way of asking the question…

“What would it feel like to let go of (insert one of your offerings).” - Shannon Crow

As Christine talked to Shannon about this process, she found herself worried about her students and letting go of those classes. Shannon encouraged Christine to find other teachers that she could refer her students to so they were taken care of. And the best part about this is that the teacher who you refer to will gain students who they are passionate about teaching because that’s their niche! What a wonderful gift!

**This was also a podcast episode. If you prefer to listen, use the player below:

Niche Down & Grow Your YouTube Channel As A Yoga Teacher

“It’s very difficult to market to everyone.” - Christine Jaureguiberry

When your marketing feels scattered, it’s likely because you have too many different offerings and you aren’t niched down. This is a great time to take a look at your offerings and ask...

“What would it feel like if I had to take one of these things off the list? Which one would go first?” - Amanda McKinney

Start there. Take just one thing off your list by finding a teacher to refer your students to and identify how you can make up that income in your speciality. One by one you can transition the offerings that aren’t your passion. This will let you follow your passion and marketing gets much easier!

“Every couple of months I let go of things I’m not as excited about and really focusing on things I’m excited about.” - Christine Jaureguiberry

“Ask someone who isn’t emotionally attached to your business and look at it from an outside view and ask the questions.” - Christine Jaureguiberry

If you find yourself feeling the struggle of “not feeling like an expert” this is something that Christine dealt with too. It’s easy to think that we don’t know know to say we’re specializing in something but remember, you only need to know a little bit more than someone else to be helpful.

“There were people who knew more than me but there were also people who knew less than me. Because I had already been living with this condition.” - Christine Jaureguiberry

YouTube: You Need A Specialty To Succeed As A Yoga Teacher

“The first year I didn’t even hit 1,000 subscribers. But this year being 2020, I started at 3,000 and ended 10,000 subscribers.” - Christine Jaureguiberry

Christine shared that she decided to focus on YouTube because she enjoyed consuming content on YouTube already and she didn’t mind being on video. Since she had a camera, she got started! She’s invested in updated equipment over the years but she started with what she had.

“I also decided, I’m not going to be a perfectionist. I’m just going to put it out.” - Christine Jaureguiberry

Then it all came down to finding a process that worked for her to produce consistent, weekly videos for her channel. There are many different ways that can work when it comes to YouTube but it’s important to find the process that works for you, not someone else. Get ideas and inspiration but take a look at your life and current situation and see what would work best for you. Try something and if it doesn’t work, try something else. Keep trying until you find something that works for you.

“Find a process that helps you be consistent” - Amanda McKinney

“The most important thing is that you actually do it. You are consistent and the rest will come.” - Christine Jaureguiberry

Christine shared that when she was getting started with YouTube it was helpful for her to have time for learning about her speciality, then she would record and edit a video all in one day. She was excited about what she learned so it helped her actually share the video, which helped with video views.

“I can’t spend 3 days editing videos but I still want to share my message.” - Christine Jaureguiberry

Now that she’s further along in the process of building a YouTube channel, she’s started to batch record videos and then tackle editing but this isn’t where she started. You can start with one process and just like your niche can evolve, your process can evolve too.

Tips For Sharing Yoga YouTube Videos

  • Create a Facebook Group - when you have a speciality, this also works great for Facebook Groups and you can share your YouTube video in the group

  • Share In Other Facebook Groups - join other special groups that focus on your niche and when it’s allowed and makes sense, you can share your resources in other groups.

  • Share On Instagram - your specialty works well on Instagram too! You will likely see more traction with your content when it’s specialized.

YouTube will also start to suggest your videos once you’re consistent and learn more about tagging and titles. But don’t worry about diving into all the tiny details at first. Start by being consistent and then learn more about how you can optimize your videos.

Tips for Creating Yoga YouTube Videos

  • Use a clear thumbnail on YouTube - make it clear what the video is so it grabs attention

  • Get to the point quickly in the actual video to get attention quickly

  • Keep the videos short (2 to 5 minutes)

YouTube likes it when people watch the entire video and even more, multiple videos. This is why short videos work well. Full length yoga practice videos aren’t what you want to create but instead focus on breaking down just one pose or concept in a short amount of time.

“I’m very specific when I create a video, it has to have a purpose. It has to have a call to action. This is how it’s helped me grow my business.” - Christine Jaureguiberry

Your next step

Decide on just one thing you can do to narrow down your niche this week. Yes, this week! Can you start a specific YouTube channel? Can you take one offering off your schedule? Can you refer your class to a different teacher? Can you start introducing yourself in a new way that calls attention to your speciality? Take that action so you can start to make some traction in your niche.

Until next time give yourself permission to niche down and grace along the way. I’ll talk to you soon.

“The first year I didn’t even hit 1,000 subscribers. But this year being 2020, I started at 3,000 and ended 10,000 subscribers.” - Christine Jaureguiberry

About Christine

Christine came to yoga as she had been suffering from scoliosis and back ache since she was a teenager. She was looking for a way to manage her back pain and found that Yoga gave her the tools and empowerment to be in control of her own well-being. Christine is a fully qualified 200hr Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) Yoga Teacher, a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher, Yoga for Scoliosis (Adelene Cheong & Elise Browning Miller) and Restorative Yoga Teacher (Judith Hanson Lasater).

She is passionate about helping people who suffer from back ache, scoliosis or other back related conditions to learn about their bodies and how to use yogic postures and techniques so they can feel in control, empowered and live a pain free life. Christine is the creator of Yogaberry, an online Yoga for Scoliosis community and resource for all things back care and scoliosis.

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